I recieved a phone call at work again today stating that the person that called me was the FBI, although he had an eastern india accent.How can people continue to do these harrassing phone calls.
 Jun 21st, 2010
I've gotten dozens of calls from these scam artists who refuse to even give me their address when I get them on the phone, but I finally figured out how to outplay them. Okay, here's how to deal with these a-holes: first, get someone on the phone and tell them that you want to do business with them, but you're about to move and a new phone #. Then tell them you're new phone # will be 202-324-3000 (it's the headquarters for the FBI! Ha!). It worked for me.
 Mar 26th, 2009
These are phishing scams to get your sensetive information, then they might send you a fraudulent application and get a copy of your signature. then if you log onto their fake websites, all the info you put on there has a skimmmer and uploads that info to their databases. then BINGO, youve gotten got.please , if your on the DO NOT CALL list, call the FTC @ 888-382-1222 and file a complaint.it only takes a few minutes. Other helpful numbers include.Experian is 888-397-3742; Transunion is 800-916-8800; 800-685-1111 is the number for Equifax.If they got any of your sensetive info please call the credit bureaus and put a security freeze on your files.YOU should also contact the FBI @ 202-324-3000 or 202-347-4470 in Washington D.C. The number for the U.S. Dept. of Justice is 202-396-6022.please speak to the cyber crimes division.

Central Card Processing just created their website on Sep. 20, and now its already down. before that they were the same people using the name Favorite Credit Cards with the number 866-617-8693. but if you call that number now, it says central card processing. its the same people. Their website is registered thru a company called GoDaddy software out of Scottsdale , Arizona on Hayden street. so i think the scottsdale police need to know about this as well as the attorney general from arizona.
 Nov 07th, 2007