Rcvd missed call today (9/28/11)- tried researching the number first.. a google/yahoo search kept producing Wrecker/Tow/Locksmith type results, but with no specific business listed? Somehow the number must be (erroneously) linked to some OLD wrecker service number because nothing with current business information can be found.

I'm tending to agree with the numerous postings here that it is some type of scam, especially since all these postings have occurred within a short time-frame.

a- heed other's warnings and don't give ANY info
b- thank Goodness I knew to also check this site!! (posted on 800 notes site) (but usually use this one)
c- thank YOU for posting, and those who have posted, info regarding this call. I was hopeful it was some .gov agency trying to offer me a job; however, it was not Washington calling for my service after all (lol)
 Sep 28th, 2011