So idiot keeps calling from this number... Stop!!!
 Jun 26th, 2012
I keep getting this number calling constantly! At all hours! They won't respond! But, yet keep calling back! I have recently split from a 5 year relationship in which there is to be no contact! Please help!
Thank you, Pamela Lewis
Pamela Lewis
 Jun 20th, 2012
Got this call, believe it was a real sounding'bot' telling me I had won a walmart gift csrd and dinner for tow at red lobster All I needed to do was go to their website to download the prize, and it would only take a minute to type in the addy, when I asked what survey the voice just kept telling me the website address, I contued asking 'what survey" after asking four times, it hung up on me. I typed the webiste into my anti virus check program and was immediatly told this was a trojan. don't fall for it folks
 Jun 14th, 2012