A female with a strong accent called saying the government was going to give me $9,000.00. She claimed it was a grant and I could use it for anything. She also said I did not have to pay it back. I asked her where she was calling from. She replied the United States Government. I told her the Government uses the Postal Service and to send me the information in the mail. She started to say something else and I told her again to send the check in the mail and hung up.
North Carolina
 Jan 13th, 2015
Mr Gonzalez claimed to be a "Federal Agent of the IRS." He gave me this identifying info:

Badge # 8675293
Phone # 202-558-4596
Address 1111 Constitution Ave NW, Wash DC 20004

Mr Gonzalez stated that I must call Good Housekeeping at 888-898-3483 to claim my $350,000 prize from a drawing 3 months ago. It was 2nd place prize. Claim # is GOV13579. I have not called anyone as I believe this is a scam.
Tricia M Mathis
 Mar 11th, 2013
I just received a call from # 202-000-1111 and his name was Rex Taylor, his employee ID # WS135. He told me that I was selected to receive $8,400.00 of grant. He was telling me that there will be a processing fee and he was trying to ask me for my bank account information.I refused to give it to him then he told me to call 202-470-1403 and ask for Sophie Lopez and give her the confirmation number DJ101 to claim my grant.

Please don't fall for it.

If its government grant, we should never be paying for any processing fees to get some free money.

Lets show these stupid scam that we are not stupid and give out our information so they can have our money.
nik nik
 Sep 08th, 2012
They're calling to try to make you feel sorry for their poor, struggling, billionaire health insurance company executive friends. I've picked up the phone twice (2nd time was this morning, Friday, Nov. 6th} and they've only left the last few words "will call back later". After finding this great website and identifying them, I'm thinking "whoa, effective robocalls, you weapons-grade idiots- yeah, keep up the good work!". I've tried to call them back a few times to let them know that every time they call, I call a different congressperson to ask them to vote for a strong public healthcare option but that phone number is always busy.
There is just no excuse for 45,000 Americans dying every year because they can't afford health insurance or have had health insurance denied and even cancelled (Cambridge Health Alliance/ Harvard Medical School study). My mom loves her Medicare and wishes that I could also have it. That's what she tells our congresspeople when she calls them.
Call your congressperson right now- they're trying to pass the House healthcare reform bill today or tomorrow so this is the best possible time to call. It's also the best possible revenge for these infuriating robocalls.
It's easy: Call the Capital switchboard (1-202-224-3121)and they will direct you to your 2 senators and your representative. They will directly connect you with one, write down the 2 numbers for the other 2 representatives and call them next. There are usually toll-free numbers but they have been shut down due to the heavy volume of calls today.
You can keep it simple "please ask so-and-so to pass a strong public healthcare option", you can also defend Medicare or the VA healthcare system, even better is to add a story of your own. A good story makes the most impact.
Keep trying if it's busy and stay on the phone if you get put on hold- it normally doesn't take too long. You can also look up their numbers on and If you can’t get through at all today, call after hours and leave a voice mail.
Oh what the heck! Call the White House too! 1-202-456-1111. I did. You can too.
Sarah in NC
 Nov 06th, 2009