several calls, no messages, typical telemarketer behavior
 Mar 06th, 2009
Apparently their customer service number is 1-866-964-1011. Maybe we should flood them with calls while they are having dinner! That's what they did to me! lol
 Feb 26th, 2009
These people have called us 8 times in the last hour. I answered one call and there was just a dead line. No one said anything and no message played. Then the dial tone came back because they hung up. It's getting really annoying.
 Feb 26th, 2009
I finally spoke to a rep. and it was a chinese woman that said that she was replying to my inquiry about acai berry extract weight loss pills. If you have visited a site dealing with this product you can expect a call... actually MANY calls from this company as no one there seems to have a grasp of the english language and they will not stop calling you. Good luck, and don't be affraid to get angry on the phone. I intend on having some fun with them if they should happen to call back. I'm currious how they will respond when asked for thier alien ID number! lol
 Feb 25th, 2009
I called back, and I pressed 1 to speak to a rep. After five minutes there was still no answer and I hung up. If they call back I will answer and find out who they are and post it here.
 Feb 25th, 2009
Answered once and they had very broken english. I didn't recognize them so I hung up. They have been calling every 10 to 20 minutes for the last 2 hours. I am on a no call list so I don't know why they are calling. I am not going to answer them because I don't trust that they won't charge my phone an arm and a leg. I do feel that they are probably scammers.
 Feb 24th, 2009
Didnt pick up the phone. called the number back hoping to hear a company name, but it just says "to speak to a customer rep. please press one, to have your number removed, please press two." So I pressed two and entered my number to be removed. Still have no idea who is was or what they wanted. It was a New Jersey area code. I am on the do not call list, so why are these people calling me? I haven't put my cell number down for anything, over the computer or for anything else.
 Feb 23rd, 2009