ok, last update..there was nothing the phone company could do. There was nothing the FCC could do BUT this is NOT a telemarketing call....IT IS A SCAM. As noted by pnobles on Aug 5th they mentioned to me the name Grants Instructor. The FCC says that the number is not even originating in the US.
The FCC requested that I call the FTC and the FBI and let them know what happened. I called the FTC, spoke to someone and filed a complaint. If enough people call in, something can happen.
PLEASE call the FTC at 1-877-382-4357
 Aug 17th, 2009
In the last two days I've received 38 calls from this cell phone. They never talk or leave a message. ATT is my carrier and they have an "Annoyance" department who will investigate your complaint. I also filed a complaint directly with the FCC (NOT the "National Do Not Call" web site which is useless)and they (FCC)will assign a case number for you.

My hope is that enough of us will file complaints that they'll do something about this crap.
 Aug 07th, 2009
Calls several times per day, never leaving a message. Reverse number search identifies it as a cell phone in Jersey City, NJ, with no owner info published or available.
 Aug 05th, 2009
First call - no message.
 Jan 03rd, 2009
third call since Christmas Eve; long periods of silence; then call is disconnected; when try to telephone, operator recording says this number is no longer in service..? what?
 Dec 28th, 2008
Third call since Christmas Eve. No message.
 Dec 27th, 2008