Got a call from this number yesterday morning at 5:30AM!!!!!! This is the third time they have called even when I pressed the 8 to be removed from their calling list. I have them blocked.
 Mar 27th, 2013
This is the message they left:

"Let us help you regardless of your past credit simply press the one key on your touch tone phone. That's the one key press it now. If not interested simply hangup or press two to be removed from our call list press eight"
 Mar 27th, 2013
Called a 02:55 am
 Mar 26th, 2013
Unlawfully attempting to sell an extended warranty for an automobile
 Mar 25th, 2013
Do we have an FCC? Did the sequester do away with it? If we do, where the f are they and why is this happening?? These creeps have called me every night for the past week after 12AM and before dawn.
 Mar 23rd, 2013
Called in the middle of the night. Are they crazy???
 Mar 23rd, 2013
I meant to say 4:49 AM! Which is an insane time of day to receive a solicitor. I tried to call back this number and I got a recording that the number was not in service.
 Mar 23rd, 2013
called at 4:49. Was a recorded telemarketing message about credit help
 Mar 23rd, 2013
I received this call at 0415 hours. I called the number back when I was awake and the call could go through
R. Tallywager
 Mar 19th, 2013
3:30 AM and they just called... wtf
Reporting to FCC
 Mar 16th, 2013
unknown called at 2:50 am
 Mar 14th, 2013
Will report them. Called at 3:10 am.
 Mar 14th, 2013
I'm just so tired of trying to work and then answering the phone when no one answers from the callers end.
At least it was 10 AM this time.
 Mar 13th, 2013
These idiots called me at 12:15 am today....who in the world does this!!! Telemarketers or not!!
 Mar 11th, 2013
Called at 2:41 am
 Mar 11th, 2013
call @ 2:00 am
 Mar 11th, 2013
I received a call from this number at 4 am
 Mar 09th, 2013
Received an automated call before 6:30AM on a Saturday.
 Mar 09th, 2013
Received a call from these idiots at 4:30 A.M.!!!
 Mar 08th, 2013
woke my wife and myself up last night at 2:31 AM!!!! with a recorded message about bad credit, which is garbage because my credit score and history is flawless
 Mar 07th, 2013
Called at 11:44 pm AND 5:11 am. REALLY PO'ed.
 Mar 07th, 2013
Called at 5:17am this morning
 Mar 07th, 2013
Received calls at midnight & 6am. Recorded message 2nd time, nothing first time.
 Mar 07th, 2013
Got a call at 4 AM. I am also on the do not call list. Find them and beat them.
 Mar 07th, 2013
called my land line at 0400

believe it or not, actually was glad to be gotten up so I could work

have panasonic kxtg6641 phone which allows call block, entered their number into blocked callers and did trace (*57) on call so that I had an audit trail for filing a police report

phone company no longer does anything to help solve this kind of problem

we need new federal legislation to go after these asses who are often collection agencies or scam operations - same thing
 Mar 07th, 2013
2:52 am call Wednesday, March 6 - went to answering machine after I looked at number - no message.
This is crap to call at that time - totally sucks!!!!
 Mar 06th, 2013
Received a call at my home at 10:26 PM on Tuesday, March 5 and I allowed the answering machine to pick up. It was an automated message asking me to 'press 1' if I wanted more information, or 'press 2' if I didn't want to talk with them, or simply hang up.
Doug Roberts
 Mar 06th, 2013
unknown called at 1 am CST
Bad caller
 Mar 06th, 2013
Stupid recording! Called at 9:55pm. Pressed 8 to get off the list but the message just kept repeating. I've seen over 500 complaints on this number on various sites. Why aren't the Do Not Call List people working on this?????????????
PO in WI
 Mar 06th, 2013
No answer. Called at 10:15pm
 Mar 06th, 2013
Recorded messsage about credit. I hung up. At least it was at a decent time (5:22 pm), unlike many of the others reported. I'm going to block this number so I don't get calls in the middle of the night.
 Mar 05th, 2013
Called at 12:05AM, voicemail indicated it's some sort of bad credit help. FTC needs to come down on these guys hard.
 Mar 05th, 2013
 Mar 03rd, 2013
Called at 10:20 as we were just putting our littlest down to sleep! Thanks a lot!
 Mar 03rd, 2013
Called at 9:30 PM with robo-message regarding repairing my "terrible" credit. My credit score is in the high 700's and I don't know anyone in the 201 area code, I.D'd as originating from Cliffside NJ. I wish there were something to do about these despicable ba*tards, but the phone company is collecting their money from them and refuses to do reveal who they are. After all as long as they pay their bill, why should they care? I'm going to try contacting the FTC but I don't have much hope.
Larry Poke
 Feb 28th, 2013
Automated call to my business number at 12:44 pm C; asking "do you have issues with past credit debt"........I hung up.
 Feb 25th, 2013
I received a call from this number at 1:06am...Who the heck calls at that hour?
Jennifer S
 Feb 24th, 2013
They called at 1:30 am and 5:30 am
Hilda Coleman
 Feb 23rd, 2013
called at 11:12 pm! didn't answer (Cliffside, NJ)
 Feb 22nd, 2013
Missed call from telemarketer calling outside normal hours 10:30 p.m. call and calling a do not call number.
Lloyd Colston
 Feb 18th, 2013
Calls just about every day on my cell phone at different times of the day.
 Feb 17th, 2013
Called 3:36am why?
 Feb 17th, 2013
These idiots called my business line at 4:11 AM with a recorded message about "free loans". What is wrong with these people??
 Feb 16th, 2013
call me in the 12:36am this morning and 3:26am yesterday morning.
 Feb 15th, 2013
Next time this number shows up, pick up the phone and hit the # sign 7 - 8 times then hang up. This can confuse the computerized system regarding this number and whether it is answered. It doesn't cost anything and is worth a try.
Ron - Canada
 Feb 14th, 2013
Recording... Let us help you regardless of your past credit. press 1.
 Feb 14th, 2013
Caller ID is your best defense. If you see a name and/or number you don't recognize, don't pick up the call! If you should pick up such a call, and especially if a voice tells you to press a particular number, don't press any numbers whatsoever. Hang up!
 Feb 09th, 2013
This # is calling me after 9pm on a Friday, and then at 6:40am on a Saturday. No answer when I pick up. I tried to call back, but just get a busy signal. No idea who this person is. Calls are unwelcome from this #.
 Feb 09th, 2013
Gangle Green
 Feb 08th, 2013
Called at 2 AM!!!!
 Feb 07th, 2013
Called at 12:45 A.M. Went to voice mail with no message.
 Feb 07th, 2013
They call 4-5 times a day and in the middle of the night, it's harassment.
 Feb 06th, 2013
Called at 5:48 a.m.

Put him in jail.
Gary Davis
 Feb 06th, 2013
I got a call early evening. When I answered they hung up. Then I got a call at 5 am, which startled me because I have an elderly mother. I just silenced the ring. If they are not going to say anything, what is the point in calling?
 Feb 05th, 2013
Hangup call
Phonebill payer
 Feb 03rd, 2013
The NJ number is a spoof. That number is out of service. The robo calls (mine came at 5 am) are originating overseas.
Don M
 Jan 29th, 2013
received a call from this number at 2:49 AM Pacific time, did not answer and left no message. Annoying!
 Jan 27th, 2013
Called twice today. We screen our calls, and the caller hung up after 4 rings (we allow 6). I suspect a robocaller.
Fed Up in Idaho
 Jan 27th, 2013
Phone rang at 3:32 am on 26 January 2013. The answering machine caught the last part of a recorded message (male, American accent), including the 'press 8' part about unsubscribing. Caller ID said Cliffside NJ.
Sleepless in ID
 Jan 26th, 2013
Husband got calls at 1 plus AM Pactific time, and again at 5 something AM pacific time. VERY annoying as we have adult kids and grands on east coast and wake up worrying.
 Jan 26th, 2013
ROBO-CALL AT 1:39AM!!! did not respond when I picked it up on 2nd ring. Same number called AT 6:33AM, both ON A SATURDAY MORNING!!! MONEY-SCAM. Only reason I picked up either call was because our daughter was in the Hospital about to Deliver her baby.
 Jan 26th, 2013
Robo call about money at 2AM! Can't return call.
 Jan 26th, 2013
Called office at 3:30 p.m., answered as usual, no response, silence.
John Charles
 Jan 25th, 2013
Called at 5:04 AM which is illegal.
 Jan 25th, 2013
called at 12:44 a.m. long message left, a one-sided conversation, basically a guy sounding like he was talking to somebody about their stay in the hospital. the speaker asked if it was at harborview, but then said, "oh, swedish," so it was somebody in seattle. also, it sounded like "jailhouse rock" was playing in the background. weird. i punched the number into google, that's how i found this site. coincidence, earlier today i got a missed call from a number i had dialed 8 hours earlier. i told the caller i had received a call from the number, he denied it. weirdest of all, i got the strange voicemail while watching x-files on netflix!
Seattle Slew
 Jan 25th, 2013
Called once yesterday (1/23/13) and once today (1/24/13), both times mid-morning. Each time I answered and there was no sound at all, not even dead air as when a person is on the line but being silent. Upon calling back I received a disconnected call tone.
SH in Seattle
 Jan 24th, 2013
Called at 1am I did not answer phone and they left no voice message. Caller ID did not show a name but it did say New Jersey.
 Jan 23rd, 2013
Called at 1:00 AM !!! and didn't leave a message.
 Jan 23rd, 2013
Got 2 calls from the number both had no answer from the caller.
 Jan 23rd, 2013
Called at 4:30 AM PST to cell and then at 10:30 to work phone. Eerie. Static for 15 seconds each call.
Robert Herr
 Jan 21st, 2013
Called my cell at 3 in the morning and woke me up thinking it was an emergency. It went to voice mail before I could answer, but did not leave a message.
 Jan 17th, 2013