3 calls in a minute. I use the call blocker app and Im still annoyed .
 Aug 06th, 2014
Four calls in a row. I was in line at a bank. I hit silent and then they continued to call! So annoying.
 Jan 21st, 2014
i trolled the called. he said "f*** you" then i said, "f*** YOU", then he said my address so he said "i'll go f*** you tomorrow" i said "bring it on, b**ch"
then i continued to troll him some more until he hung up
 Jan 15th, 2014
I had 3 calls in a row that i had ignored from this number. when i had googled this number i had read this post of saying they were from the US FEDERAL GRANT. Well i get another call AGAIN, remember this is all less than 2 minutes in between the other 3 ignored calls. I answer, he stated my name he said a name but he had a heavy indian accent. I said "what is this concerning about?" he said like above i was selected to earn a grant. I said i am not interested. I caught him off guard for saying no. I had asked to please take me off your call list becuause you have called 3 time in a row and it's very unprofessional. He studdered and got all nervous and said that no i wasn't gonna get off the list because he can't believe that i wont accept this. I go if you are professional you wouldn't harrass me ESPECIALLY if you are with the government!!!

ITS A SCAM, please i hope this has helped someone!!
 Jan 14th, 2014
This call was from Jack, heavily accented, who said I had been chosen to receive a federal grant for education. He called multiple times and when I returned his call the operator said that the number was no longer in service. But he called again on the same number! So far he has not asked for personal information, but he already knew my name, address, e-mail address, and cell phone # which I never give out. Since then I have received multiple calls from on-line college recruiters who may or may not be part of the scam. How do I report them when the number doesn't answer?
 Nov 14th, 2013
weired phone call from departemnt of education
 Jan 15th, 2013