Hi, I currently work for Comodo. We don't do mass email campaigns, we do however cold call potential clients. That is industry standard in software sales. I'm new to this field and recently received notice from a Microsoft recruiter for similar work.

I'm sorry that you've gotten inundated. If you ask to be placed on a do not call list, that request will be honored, it takes less than a minute. We are instructed to keep trying until we get hold of a decision maker, the system will continue to prompt associates to call you unless you request us not to. You can call that number tomorrow and ask to be removed from the system. In regards to the emails, we aren't engaged in an email marketing campaign. Some reps will issue blind emails, but mainly emails are sent as a follow up to interested individuals and even then, it's a one on one relationship. You may want to mention the deluge of emails as well as the names attached to them. We may be able to address the problem.
 Oct 23rd, 2013
The phone number belongs to Comodo Ltd who issue SSL certificates under the brand names Comodo, PositiveSSL, and InstantSSL.

We've never used any of their services or signed up for any of their mailing lists and yet we receive unsolicited sales calls from them. Not only do we receive unsolicited sales calls but we are deluged with SPAM advertising emails from these clowns. This weekend alone we received 31 SPAM emails advertising Comodo's SSL certificates.

As a result of their unsolicited telephone sales calls and mass spam I will never do business with them. What I do plan to do is file complaints against them with the FTC (both for their violation of the do not call list and their spam emails), and complaints with the New Jersey State Attorney General and a separate BBB complaint for each of the 31 spam emails I received.

Complaints can be filed with the FTC against the Comodo telemarketers/spammers at:
 Sep 05th, 2010