called at 12:43pm and I didn't answer because I was working.
Called at 12:54pm and someone asked for me by name. Wife asked who it was, they hung up.
Called at 1:34pm.

Man identified himself as calling from East Valley Financial. From now on I'll refer to him as "rep"...

Rep: "I'm calling about your visa and mastercard accounts."

I don't have any mastercards.

Me: "Ok."

Rep: "Due to your status as a current card holder and because of recently lowered interest rates, we can lower your monthly rate."

Me: "Ok."

Rep: "Are any of your cards over 10%?"

Me: "If you know about my credit cards, why don't you know what my rate is?"

Rep: "It's just a prequalifying question we have to formally ask."

Me: "No. None are over 10%."

Rep: "It sounds like you're in great standing and thanks for your time."

My thoughts:
They aren't affiliated with any bank. I'm not in the phone book. They had my first and last name. I assume they bank on everyone having some cards. I didn't let it get to the point where they might ask for a CC number or made a sales pitch.

Best case: They're trying to consolidate people to their card.

Worst case: They're phishing for cards and are scamming people.
 Mar 27th, 2008