i have received upto 3 calls a day from this company they call and ask for who is responsable for the gas and electric bill, and proceed with there shpeel which i have never been able to fully understand the people that are calling, as they have very strong accents (dont know where they are calling from maybe india as i guess alot of these kind of calls come from such countries) these calls are even more annoying for the fact that i have a newborn and she is constantly being woken up by these daily calls. i just wish that there were more laws to protect people from this constant harassment and that is exactly what it is HARASSMENT as every time they call i politly (in the begining) ask them to remove me from their calling list or whatever they call it, and the young lady says of course i shall do that for you and reassures me that it has been done, but i am still getting the calls. to be honest is it worth the hassle of changing my phone number, as they will probably track me down some how and continue on with their harassment!! why cant they just GET A LIFE and leave people like me who just want some peace and quiet for my baby !!!!! i am starting to rant now so i think i'll leave it at that. i would just like to say one last thing to the people that work for these companies " HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I HAD YOUR HOME NUMBER AND CALLED YOU SEVERAL TIMES A DAY" either to sell you something that i know you dont want or just to piss you off ???????
 Feb 01st, 2008