Last week I got a call from a phone company calling on behalf of Verizon saying something about a government mandate which if you have multi-lines you will get a bill for each line and pay a service fee for each bill. They say they can keep it one bill and save me money. I said I get one bill, he said it's going to change. I said fine, but then he has to swtich me over to some other line to confirm it and starts talking about a fee and 5 cents per minute. I asked him why it sounded like I was signing up for something. He said I wasn't, I was just going to get one bill. They are trying to sell you long distance service and being very shady about it. Also it was a computer generated voice with an accent. If you have to disguise your voice in order to do business, sorry I have to say NO! Someone should report this to the TV news and maybe they can get them to stop harrasing people. And they called again yesterday, I've said no twice. The second time told them to take me off their list. We'll see if that works.
 Sep 25th, 2008
They said they were calling for Verizon and wanted to consolidate my bills (I only get one) and give me a better rate! I have asked them to remove me from the calling list several times and I get a call every evening at the same time! I hate to get so nasty with these Indian people trying to make a living when the real a** is some American fat-cat paying them to do this!
 Apr 02nd, 2008