201-499-7002 just called our business. Caller ID showed up as Weehawken NJ. After the tell-tale sign of it being a telemarketing call with the infamous "bloop" sound at the beginning, I spoke with a Miss Riya Saanvi Akshara Jhanvi Patel (not her real name of course, but it could be). It was extremely hard to understand her though, as she spoke with a very broken version of British English (strong Hindi mixed with a cockney accent). She claimed to be calling from a company called NOVA and asked to speak to the owner. When I inquired about the purpose of the call, she stated that it was in regards to our Merchant Services account. Informed her that we are a CASH ONLY business and we don't use or accept those "tools of the Devil" (Credit Cards). Her reaction to my response was priceless, as it obviously left her speechless for about 5 seconds before she began to stutter in almost perfect American English "Well, umm, but, OK I understand. Good day sir." and she hung up. Hilarious.
Not Important
 Jan 27th, 2016
Confirming auto dialer. They sell the their list of "active" numbers for pennies. Just don't answer the phone people.
Masked Avenger
 Dec 09th, 2015
Answered the call in our office and just silence. Called the # and it said no longer in service.
North Carolina
 Apr 22nd, 2015