Need credit card for citi bank
 May 03rd, 2017
I got a call from this number saying they were with the Visa, MC, Amex Sweepstakes (I didn't know visa & MC worked together with Amex - hmmm...) and that I had won a prize package for being a preferred member. All I had to do was pay shipping $3.95. Of course, this credit card sweepstakes company needed my proper name on the credit card and the number (if I'm a preferred member, wouldn't they already have this information including the proper spelling of my name?) I asked her where they were located, there business name, and phone number. She told me her name it Toni. Her Supervisor No. is 621 and the number to reach them is 201-465-4610. I asked how come a local Houston, TX number, 281-738-3468, came up on my phone. She said that's the local number so if I have to call back, I don't get the long distance charges for calling New Jersey. Next I asked her what there email address is so I can look them up while she is on the phone. She said let me get that for you and then ... Suprise! We were disconnected. Although she sounded very genuine or rather good at her job, there were so many red flags during this call, I would classify this under SCAM!
 Dec 15th, 2015