I keep getting calls from this number, and 2 other numbers. Just started this week and they are relentless. I use my cell strictly as an emergency cell for my family so it's very upsetting to hear this usually silent phone ringing all of a sudden, and so much. The first time I told they had the wrong number as it wasn't me, and I didn't recognize the (Hispanic) name. The woman refused to take me off the list unless I answered "yes" to a statement she read to me. Fearing a scam of some sort, I refused to allow my voice to be recorded saying "yes" and told her so. She replied that she would not remove my number if I refused to answer "yes". So I hung up. They keep calling and I don't answer. I finally called them but no one ever answers. I finally got a recorded message. It's J.A. Cambece Law Office and they have a long history of making harrassing debt collection calls. I have no debt so they have the wrong phone number and I can't get them to stop calling. I need to now fill out a complaint form with the State of MA which is where this firm is located. They are using the New Jersey phone numbers to make the calls to me. The last call was at 7:30 this evening. I didn't answer it, but called back and got a recording. It said "if you feel one of our staff mistreated you, please press #1". I did that and got another recording by Stephanie Matthews, compliance officer who will supposedly call me back. We'll see. But I'm filing a report because even if these calls were meant for me, it is against the law to harrass like this and all at nite. And the rudeness is unacceptable. This company has already lost a lawsuit in MA against them but it appears they are continuing to harrass via the phone. My cell is unlisted and I don't give it out. I have no clue how they even got my number unless they have a digit wrong, but it looks like they even harrass neighbors of debtors so they are very shady.
 Sep 08th, 2012