Started calling *again* today at 8:23AM (note: before 9AM is illegal, even for legit companies). When I picked up, they asked for some person, and when told there was nobody here by that name, launched into their spiel. Probably a ruse to claim that they aren't breaking the Do Not Call List law.
 Oct 13th, 2009
Called about a dozen times in one day. When I finally picked up, someone with an Indian accent claimed that they were calling on behalf of "Google somthingorother" and that we had made an inqiury online about making money with them. Told them they were breaking the law, since we're on the do not call list, and we most certainly did *not* make some stupid inquiry about making money online. She kept on going with her spiel anyhow, so I just hung up.
 Oct 09th, 2009