"Uh, this is John from shipping, your alarm is already paid for..." SCAM robo call
Caller ID: "V724-172-634000632" (derived from date and time so you don't get the same Caller ID twice)

This one's slick, I actually thought there was a live person on the line. I could hear him flipping the pages of paper he was reading and I was all set to "play" with the caller when I realized that it was a recording. Following is the text of the "conversation"...

"Hi, uh, this is John from the shipping department of Emergency Medical Alert, I was calling to uh schedule a delivery of your medical alert system, it's uh the "fallen, and I can't get up" type of system you've seen on TV. Looks like the system's been uh recommended by thousands of hospitals and medical professionals, uh, let's see, says here that the system's already been paid for. Looks like you're getting the system because uh either yourself, a friend, a family member or maybe even someone you know has experienced a fall in the past so uh again it's already been paid for so there's no cost to your whatsoever. Also says here that the shipping has already been paid for so to uh schedule the delivery of your Emergency Medical Alert System press 1 uh again to uh have your system shipped out to you press 1 5 to decline the shipment of your system....(me) Hello?"

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John of Lower Merion
 Mar 14th, 2014
"John from Shipping" called to arrange delivery of my medical alert bracelet. Never ordered one, no need for one either
 Jul 27th, 2013