Called last night at 8:07pm. Did not leave a message, but I could hear someone breathing for a moment, so they where there.
Burn them at the stake. Bring back the Pillory (a wooden framework erected on a post, with holes for securing the head and hands, formerly used to expose an offender to public derision) & let all who they called pelt them with rotten food.
 Apr 04th, 2014
In the past month, I have truthfully received no less than 100 calls from this person. No amount of demanding they stop calling has been successful.
 Feb 14th, 2014
Received a call from this number this afternoon. They claimed to be Windows Tech Support. The said my computer had viruses, and tried to get me to do things to give them access to my computer to
 Feb 12th, 2014
per comment from another site

"This call came up as Jersey City, and an Indian man named "John" tried to tell me that my computer has been downloading harmful things. Like, really? Who falls for this stuff?"
 Feb 06th, 2014