Caller hung up. Tired to call back and got recorded message saying, "This is a pinger number."
 Dec 05th, 2013
This is a number used for some scam "online pharmacy"-location Rutherford, NJ...they had been calling continuously from another 201-340-number, but I blocked them (*60). They ignore polite requests to remove my number from their lists and quit calling, so I have changed tactics.

This time, I answered and let the Who's "Who Are You" blast into the mic. Then I blocked their number and called em back a half dozen times and blasted more Who into the mic. On the 7th call back, I spoke and told them to quit calling. A heavily accented voice on the other end requested "you quit calling me muther f***** ". My reply, "f*** u" and called em back a few more times with more Who blasting into the mic. Presumably, they will get the message this time! A poster on another site reported success using an AIR HORN on them!
 Nov 29th, 2012