My ADVICE is to listen to them first. They are actually helping those student loan borrowers to consolidate their loans so to manage their finances easily. So they are looking for those eligible person for this program exclusively to those people who have federal student loans. They will ask for the social to check the student loans. Philly girl is right, you should proceed in a more PLEASANT MANNER to keep a nice conversation. Then they will give you their options and it's for you to choose whether you like it or not. If you grab their offer (only when you are eligible) they will automatically put you on the "do not call" list because you already settled. Now if you don't accept it,, keep BEHAVING NICELY and ask them politely to remove you from their list. the bad thing is that some of the receivers are actually rude.
Another thing if they see that you are not qualified, they will just update your status so that you won't be called again (until they've checked again that you are eligible, that is the time they call you back).
 Mar 29th, 2007
Whoever this is they have called me 5 times in the last two days. And today they called me twice at 6am!!! It woke me up and I answered and some girl said hello and then hung up on me. this is sick.
 Mar 10th, 2007
part 3 - The address is 10304 Spotsylvania Avenue Suite 100 Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408. The corporate # is 1-800-762-6441 and the customer service # is 1-877-706-2979. Additionally it is against the regulations of the FCC for any telemarketer to call before 8am and after 9pm or to abandon (hang-up) without directing the call to na pre-recorded message identifying the company, the number, and that the call is for telemarketing purposes. You can find additional information of the FCC website - http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/policy/telemarketing.htm - this fact sheet is helpful as well - http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/tcpa.html - also be aware they are not allowed to call your cell phone. Good Luck to anybody and everybody these marketers are hounding!!!
 Mar 09th, 2007
For anybody else who has been bombarded by calls from this number – the perpetrator of this nuisance is ---- Collegiate Funding Services (CFS) and they are calling to consolidate your student loans at a very low fixed rate. Now I have received calls from this company before and have repeatedly stated I did not want their services and to not call again – this apparently doesn’t work. You can google the company to obtain the company information, but I have conveniently obtained the information for you. The web address is www.cfsloans.com - I followed the CFS “contact us” link at the bottom of the page which takes you to what appears to be the parent company web page - Chase Education Finance.
 Mar 09th, 2007
Part 1 - After an extremely long and irritating 80+ hour work week I came home on a Friday fully anticipating a relaxing night just hanging out and relishing actually doing nothing; however, the phone kept ringing - the same number. Every time I picked it up there was nobody there. Finally at 10:30 pm I picked up and – low and behold - there was actually somebody on the line. Needless to say I was annoyed and maybe a bit short – I immediately demanded the name of the company and an explanation to the hang-up calls. While I did not raise my voice or cuss I will admit to being very – well bitchy. Whether or not I should have proceeded in a more pleasant manner is up for debate – regardless I certainly did not deserve to be summarily hung up on when voicing my displeasure after these numerous and exasperating calls. (Hence my current tirade)
philly girl
 Mar 09th, 2007
they've called me 3x regarding 'valuable information' about my federal student loan. the thing is, i don't even have one! and when i asked to speak to a manager, they hung up.
 Mar 09th, 2007
these people have called yesterday and today several times, and its getting very annoying
 Mar 09th, 2007
called numerous times today
no one there or dial tone when answer the phone
 Mar 02nd, 2007