Hello. I was just helping my co-worker with a problem caller. Turns out that this phone number (201-297-0394) is the one calling her. I am trying to help her get rid of this caller, it may take legal action to do so. Since it's a landline, they can trace this.
 Oct 29th, 2008
I got the same call about an internet typing job from www.megatyping.com. The phone they call from has very bad service and they have to hang up because I can't hear them.
 Oct 22nd, 2008
This phone number has been calling me at least 6-7 times a day since 10/19/08. I picked up the first time and it was a recording. I hung up. Since then I have tried to call back the number but it says the mailbox is full.
Mary Andrews
 Oct 22nd, 2008
I signed up for a work at home typing job the other day and they called me just now about that job...
They want money to send me the log in and password to get into the web site...
Needless to say, If I have to pay for the info to get a job, then they don't need my help very badly!
 Oct 22nd, 2008
It is from a company called BROADVOICE an internet VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocal). You can make and receive long distance calls from anywhere in the world. Their website is below

http://www.broadvoice.com/?AdCode=GoogleAdwor ... CFQSPFQodb3H4yw
chris a
 Oct 16th, 2008
Number calls cellphone 10 times a day would like to rip this companys head off
Danny D
 Oct 15th, 2008
They been calling me the last week and I'm tired of it. They call me the same time every evening, 3 times a night. I sick of it. When I pick up they hang up and when I call back, it indicated the voicemail is full. Driving me crazy.
 Oct 15th, 2008
I get repeated calls from this number and no one responds when I answer. They come all hours of night & day and I am getting sick of it!
 Oct 15th, 2008
I am so tired of them calling my house. Told them to take my number off their list and the did not do that. Sometimes they would called and as soon as I pick up, there were silence, then they hang up.
 Oct 15th, 2008
No one on the line when answered....I believe this is related to 201-297-0394, 201-621-5694, and 201-621-5696, as all these numbers all me off and on all day and in the evenings to my prepaid cellphone and act the same way.
 Oct 07th, 2008
These folks called me twice today. I believe they are related or are the same people calling from 201-621-5694, 201-621-5696, and 201-918-4685, as these are all numbers that will not stop calling my PREPAID CELLPHONE at all hours of the day and evening. I finally answered this one, and got someone with a foreign accent asking for "Amanda". I explained that they had the wrong number, and to please stop calling me, as it is a prepaid cellphone. They said, "Are you sure??" and started to ramble about why they think my phone belongs to "Amanda", but I cut them off before they could tell me who they were (I know, I should have found out) and told them AGAIN to take me off their list and don't ever call me again. He said, "I will make a note of it" and hung up. I bet they call me again within the hour.
 Oct 07th, 2008