This butt-head keeps calling my unlist cell phone and will not leave a message and they won't stop calling... I will not take their call! You'd think, they'd get my message...
 Oct 01st, 2014
Called my unlisted cell phone number which has been registered on the NDNCR for over 2 years. Did not have the least amount of courtesy to leave any kind of message much less a proper one. As my number is NOT listed anywhere they clearly use a random dialing caller which is illegal under the new laws. I do not answer unidentified calls on my home phone much less my cell phone so I do not know if they are using an illegal pre-recorded message or not. All I can say is... Every time they call me I will be filing a complaint with the NDNCR no matter what they claim to be.

Between you all and me.. I believe an unsolicited survey is just as unacceptable a call as an unsolicited sales call so there is NO difference to me because the effect of the call is the very same. Disruption of my private life and extra expense on my cell phone bill just makes it worse!
Agrivated Newmexican
 Sep 08th, 2014
Called cell phone. Left no message
 Aug 31st, 2014
called my cell phone one time per day and a couple days
i never pick up the call
 Aug 31st, 2014
called cell twice, no message
 Aug 22nd, 2014
America's Survey Company
 Aug 12th, 2014
never heard oh this town
left no message
does any one have more info. for me
 Aug 08th, 2014