Caller said he is "James Jones" calling "on behalf of blahblah police ...": It is the Fundraising Information Center. Told him to NEVER call this number. I have already filed a complaint with Do Not Call registry
 May 15th, 2014
"Collecting funds for families of fallen cops." Seemed unprofessional and not a local number. Sorry....too many scammers out there and my policy is to not give out info or " donate" over the phone, no matter how worthy the cause.
Just me
 Apr 10th, 2014
Would not give a name. Unknown what they want.
 Feb 27th, 2014
I called this number back and got a recording saying "Thank you for calling The Fundraising Information Center." They said they had called on behalf of a children's or veterans charity. I looked them up and see that they have been calling people for YEARS using different phone numbers. Sounds like a bad one. If they really are calling for charities, they're not covered by the DNC list. Nothing to do but block them.
 Oct 29th, 2013