Woo Hoo "Our Business has been selected..." Autodialer call about some local community promotion. Funny the local guys are from a far away area code, hmm...
 Aug 05th, 2013
Why in the HELL are we getting 3 to 10 calls PER WEEK for "you business" when we have been on Do Not Call list for years and are a private residence?! This is blatant harassment of everyone getting these calls!
 Aug 02nd, 2013
Didn't recognize the number and didn't answer. No message left
 Nov 20th, 2012
Received call from 201-283-9081 and they told me I'd won a $100 reward card. Push 1 to claim or 2 to be added to the do not call list. Pushed 1 to check it out. A live person then told me I'd receive a $1000 (yes, I typed it correctly, one thousand) grocery card and that I'd have to pay for shipping of $3 and change with a credit card.

Sounds like a scam.
 Oct 10th, 2012