They are using their physical access to the facility to commit outright credit card crimes. This isn't a shady marketer or such. These are NJ crackheads calling to get your credit card number and nothing more. In some cases, they have simply hung up after getting a sucker's CC number. Bottom line, this isn't a Do Not Call violation, or such. It's outright fraud/theft. Report it to the local police authorities. They conveniently provide email contact at They're rude and abusive and hang up because they're outright criminals. If it seemed a bit much, well, it is. Oh, they pick Dish TV as their scam because they have the most fined telemarketers on record, plus they actually do call for them, so it seems to them something that people will believe is actually telemarketing, instead of crime.

The company whose facilites they are using is Omnipoint Communications Incorporated. Their main office is at 60 Newark Pompton Tpke Wayne, NJ 07470. But Omnipoint is all over the place, a Delaware corporation registered as a foreign entity in NJ, based in NY. But they are actually owned by T-Mobile, based, in Washington State. In the US, that is. T-Mobile's continuing to provide a premises/hardware for the rogues' criminal activities is actionable He has email too. His contact info is:
12920 SE 38TH STREET
Phone: 425-378-6081
Fax: 425-920-2638
Spam Eater
 Aug 21st, 2008
'Tom Green' trying to make it look like I called him by stating he was'calling back to see if I was still having trouble paying my mortgage bill' which I do not have. Douchebag.
 Aug 19th, 2008