I got a call from this # as well...I hope they find him....it's very annoying
 Mar 13th, 2008
he is also calling from 201-257-4260.
 Mar 06th, 2008
Unknown male called from Bus Cent on March 04, 2007 - when I called back the message on the recording device - indicated that this person was a queer (lude and licivius remarks were on the recording device). Action taken: Reported this individual to the FTC and Telephone Company...and also to the local law enforcement authority. Oh yes, need I not forget to mention that this person voice was recorded for voice recognition for apprehension...at the request of an (FBI), Federal Bureau of Investigation agent in New Jersey. The local Special Agent-In-Charge, Mobile Division assured me that this person would be apprehended for interstate tele-communication ...etecetera.
 Mar 04th, 2008