Some idiot called me about 5 times and when I finally answered, I couldn't understand him. This made him mad, what I gathered from what I could make out was he was going to have me arrested if I didn't send him $500 asap and he was an Officer with the US Financial Crimes. He couldn't tell me his badge no. or where he was located but he did repeat my e-mail and social Security number which was very frightening. He was rather irate and rude and began screaming at me because I couldn't understand what he was saying...Finally I hung up on him and called my sister who works for law enforcement and she said that they had several reports of this same type of call and it was a A big scam....From what I have found out is that these Indian Scammers have stolen or was sold your information by a loan company and now they are callling claiming you owe them money and some people are falling for it. My sister had me to watch a clip of abc news reporting this scam. Well I don't have any outstanding loans except for my mortgage and car note and they are both current so I knew very well this was a mistake as I tried to tell the stupid idiot but he kept screaming...I want everyone that gets a call from this number or from some scammers claiming you owe something, be sure to get it in writing but I can tell you already, these scammers have nothing on you but some personal information that they have stolen and are trying to scare you into sendingthem money. DON'T SEND THEM ONE DIME.
 Apr 12th, 2010