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It's a Power company that wants to help reduce your Energy costs. They offer lower usuage costs than PSE&G....however....If you need repair, THEY CONTRACT back to PSE&G. Note: PSE7G cover their own customers FIRST and your added in. Sort of like these lower phone companies that offer cheaper service, but when a repair is needed, they use VERIZON! and YOU DO Indeed WAIT for
repair!!! They call EVERDAY...and everyday I tell them....WE HAVE SOLAR!!!! Didn't the TERMINATOR destroy
 May 27th, 2011
Already today I have gotten 13 calls from this and other numbers,but all with the same bogus pitch: We are calling in response to your online request for (insert product/service) online classes, college referrals, diabetic supplies. No such online request was made for ANY of these things.
 May 24th, 2011
Caller said he was calling about a cost reduction w/ my energy bill. He said the program was through JCP&L. On the internet it says they're company that provides direct marketing via telephone for other companies. Does anyone know if this is through JCP&L or is it another company that is soliciting business, but making it sound like it is JCP&L?
 May 09th, 2011