This number has called me twice today. I just got this phone number and registered the number with the do not call registry. When I read up on complaining about being called by a telemarketer after I was registered on the do not call website, I noticed that you can't really complain until after you have been on the registry for 30 days. Oct 25, I will file a complaint. I wonder if telemarketers know this and scour the do not call registry for new numbers to call for the 30 day window.
 Oct 09th, 2012
Let's be certain you're dealing with either internal collectors from the bank or a third party, possibly in disguise. In most states your defense options vary greatly depending on the answer. Third parties are covered by FDCPA, for original creditors you turn to state laws and hope they cover.

The skinny on this bank seems to be that it swoops down like a vulture on soft targets like college kids and in time entraps them in high APR deals. Their reps are consistently reported to be very hostile, underinformed, and unyielding ... possibly violating any ''mini-FDCPA'' in a given state.
 Aug 08th, 2011
This is 1FBUSA .... Believe they are a collection entity hitting folks up as soon as they are a day late on their bill payment! Sad, cause they are still going to get paid more by levying some type of late payment fee...
Irritated too
 Aug 05th, 2011
On the West Coast, usually calls every night around 6:00pm ... right as we are sitting down to dinner.
 Jan 30th, 2010
This number called three times this morning starting at 8:30am. Real jerks if you ask me!

The Number ID also comes from a number 201-204-0056 which usually comes when we are sitting down to dinner. Don't know if they are related.
 Jan 30th, 2010