I recently began selling avon, and with that comes a website. So I was excited when my first online order came through. I received this email:


from Teri Lockart
date Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 5:29 PM
subject Ordering!!!!
mailed-by yahoo.com
signed-by yahoo.com

Hello Avon Rep.
How is Business going on with the Company ? I Am Ms Teri Lockart and i will like to place an Order for a Company Celebration that is coming on soon. This Order is going to be use as a gift for the people and the invited gust that will be coming...That is why am contacting you to Order some products that will be needing for the Gifts,And i will like to deal with you in purchasing this item directly with you not with the company, b'cos i am new on internet and i don't have much experience on buying or purchasing merchandise online and also through credit card,So i don't operate a credit card facility.I need this urgently please just get back to me if you will be handle the item for me..below are the item list which you will help to order..

4 Quantity of SKIN SO SOFT Signature Silk Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion (576-417)
4 Quantity of AVON BASICS Rich Moisture Face Cream - 3.4 fl. oz (431-384)
4 Quantity of NATURALS Vanilla Hand and Body Lotion (386-700)
4 Quantity of NATURALS Antibacterial Hand Gel (Vanilla 386-566)
4 Quantity of Foot Works Conditioning Foot Soak (253-108)
4 Quantity of Foot Works Hydrating Foot Serum with Vitamin E & Aloe (587-850)
4 Quantity of AVON BASICS Vita Moist Hand Cream (428-821)
4 Quantity of ALWAYS Eau de Parfum Spray (394-666 )

kindly calculate all the items together and let me know the total cost of the order and also let me know if there is a discount to it, and also you don't need to worry about the shipping,I will be handle the shipping through my mover company as soon as you place the order and the order deliver to your home address,So the pick up of the order will be made at your home or your office once you receive the order.i will be paying you upfront for first order with you with a bank cashier check or a Money order ,And when you receive the payment you can then proceed on making order for the items i mention,or you can order the items down now.kindly get back now with your full name and mailing address for payment to be mailed out to you,I will be waiting on you so that i will know how much this is going to cost me.

I don't know if you always be on computer and also if you care about chatting online, and if so you,You can add me to your IM on my personal yahoo IM at {lockartteri@yahoo.com}

Thank you

So, I understand that some people do not like to use their credit cards over the internet. I replied to the woman that I would accept a cashier's check or a money order, and once that is received by me and validated I would process her order.

She wanted my home address...not my post office box, so I knew something was going on. I contacted my director who informed me of a scam. I let the lady think I would fall for it so I could get her address and information to contact the authorities.

So she mailed my "check" via FedEx to the false address I gave her. I went to FedEx, picked up a FAKE CHECK for $1,800.00. Her avon order was $240.18. Of course, she wanted me to cash the check and western union the difference to Latunya Fowler. The check was written on Mountain Mineral Law Foundation in Westminster, CO. I contacted them also, and informed them of the scam. On the check, the "M" in "Mountain" was partially missing and the abbreviation for Colorado was not capitalized. The paper was cheap as well.


Her email said::

from Teri Lockart
date Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 4:22 PM
subject GET IT DONE
mailed-by yahoo.com
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Sorry for the mistake .. i want you to send the money Latunya Fowler in Danville IL at one of the western union address i locate for you .. and come back and email me the total amount sent after western union charges has been deducted and the senders full name and address including the 10 Digit MTCN number

Thanks and get this done today

I have been in contact with the authorities, and was told that this fraud ring expands to Florida. But they're going down now!!!

When she was told that I cashed the check (of course I didn't - it was handed over to the state police) she called my phone 27 times in an hour from 1-866-747-7352 and then she tried scrambling the number to 1-186-674-7735

Here is the person I was supposed to western union the money to:

Latunya Fowler
915 Fowler Ave
Danville, IL 61832-3617


rom Teri Lockart
date Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 5:39 PM
subject Hey
mailed-by yahoo.com
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i want you to know that you can meet them like 2 miles away from your house and hand over the avon to them .. all u need to do is to get the money sent to latunya fowler tomorrow morning before 9-10 am and come back and email me the western union informations so we can plan on how the pick up will be made .. Pls email me if this is ok with u now .

Get back to me now


rom Teri Lockart
date Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 4:05 PM
subject Urgently!!!!!!
mailed-by yahoo.com
signed-by yahoo.com


Thanks for your response....Sorry for mistake here is the right information

Western union information Below

Name : Latunya Fowler
City : Danville
State : Illinois
Zip code : 61832
United States.
Get back to me as soon as you have it done today cause i want her to come for the pick up tomorrow.

After she rang my phone off the hook from the 1-866 number, I finally emailed her back that "I know EXACTLY what is going on here, and the cops do as
well." I never heard back from the scammer.
 Nov 20th, 2009