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Justin Glasgow

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Record ID: 508905386

Justin Glasgow
3740 Appleton
Washington, DC 20016

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Record ID: 508905387

Justin Glasgow
13120 Tremon
Olathe, KS 66062

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Record ID: 508905388

Justin Glasgow
7 Fahey
Belleville, IL 62220

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Record ID: 508905389

Justin Glasgow
3727 Warren
Washington, DC 20016

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Record ID: 508905390

Justin Glasgow
2530 Crestline
Lawrence, KS 66047

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Record ID: 508905391

Justin Glasgow
2900 Franciscan
Arlington, TX 76015

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Record ID: 508905392

Justin Glasgow
904 Tamarack
Fayetteville, NC 28311

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Record ID: 508905393

Justin Glasgow
508 11th
Alpine, TX 79830

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Record ID: 508905394

Justin Glasgow
113 Teakwood
Greensboro, NC 27406

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Record ID: 508905395

Justin Glasgow
204 Yellow Knife
Fort Davis, TX 79734

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Record ID: 508905396

Justin Glasgow
3918 West
Wash, DC 20007

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Record ID: 508905397

Justin Glasgow
213 Aspen
Alexandria, VA 22305

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Record ID: 508905398

Justin Glasgow
4315 Birchwood
Wilmington, NC 28405
(910) 798-1607

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Record ID: 508905399

Justin L Glasgow
2705 Fern
Great Falls, MT 59404
Age 61 (Born Jan 1956)

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Record ID: 508905400

Justin J Glasgow
1824 39th
Topeka, KS 66617
Age 44 (Born Aug 1973)

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Record ID: 508905401

Justin J Glasgow
153 58th
Topeka, KS 66617
Age 44 (Born Aug 1973)
 Jan 10th, 2017
The caller had a heavy accent, possibly from India or Nigeria, and claimed to be from Microsoft. He claimed that they detected errors caused by viruses on my computer, and urged me to grant him remote control of the system to fix the problem. Microsoft will NEVER call you to fix a problem! This is a scam to implant viruses on your computer and to steal your private information.
DL Herring
 Sep 18th, 2014
In answer to the text sent to my cell phone, Jamestown VA was discovered in 1607. All that grow up within 100 miles know that
Jamestown Disc
 Jan 04th, 2014
This guy is now 'Trevor'. He's been calling for over two years under different phone numbers and names - some from Macomb county now from Oakland county. How does he get away with it? I have a website in Oakland county where a complaint can be filed. If enough people would file, maybe, just maybe this guy could be stopped:,1607,7-164-17331-74753--,00.html
 Oct 20th, 2009
This number belongs to Call Center International 1607 E. Big River Road, Suite 300, Troy, MI, 48083. Telephone number is 1-248-740-3299. Their website is
 Apr 29th, 2009
Hi, I just Googled the number 800-776-1607 and it came up as the number for the law office of Grabowski & Greene.

Here are the links:

You're doing a really good thing by not answering or returning their calls. For all you know it could be one of those stupid junk debt collectors trying to make you pay on a debt that you no longer owe because the statutes of limitations have expired. Trust me, I've had one of those people harassing me for the past 4 years on a debt from 1998 that the SOL expired on in 2002. By law they can't do a thing to me. Thankfully they haven't called since January.

Anyway, I just thought you should know.
 May 29th, 2008
they keep calling my cell phone number and leaving voicemail,,,, telling me to call 800-776-1607,,, (which I have not done). They say it is about important personal business....... number on caller Id is 000-000-0000.. I have no idea who or why they continue to call... I have received several calls per day for the last month or so..... very very annoying.......
Ron R
 May 19th, 2008
Called me from michigan. So I emailed the Michigan Attorney General.,1607,7-164-17331-42077--,00.html

I'm actually filing out an actual online form XD
 Mar 31st, 2008
File on an on-line report here:,1607,7-164-17331-74753--,00.html
 Mar 04th, 2008
Calls multiple times a day, everyday. Have asked them to remove me from their list, have filled out the Bank of America online form to stop the calls and have sent written notice to be removed - they still keep calling. Filled out form on Michigan A.G. site for formal complaint - have been assured that i will be recieving a nice check for ever call they make to me from now on.,1607,7-164-17331-74753--,00.html
 Feb 14th, 2008
Spanish speaking recording (I don't know Spanish.) I get calls ON MY CELL from these jokers all the time. Caller ID said Ohio, but the evil Spanish robot is always calling from a different state and number. Another numbers I've had in the past:
 Sep 28th, 2007
This is the sender of these spam pre-recorded messages:

H Narod
1607 Maple St
Vancouver, BC V6J 3S3
 Sep 26th, 2007
See also
 Aug 22nd, 2007
Called at 1607 on 5/11/07. No message left.
 May 11th, 2007
I filed a complaint with Michigan's State Attorney General (,1607,7-164-17331---,00.html) and suggest everyone else here takes a couple of minutes to do the same. Michigan did indeed follow up with Dove and I received a response from Dove's lawyer. A stupid response, full of white lies; but if enough people complain to the Michigan AG, maybe we can get Dove shut down.
 May 11th, 2007
I received a call from them today at 1607 hours with "unknown name" and "866-855-0727" on caller ID. The lady left the following message: "Hi this message is for ** if you are not ** please hang up or delete this message now. By continuing to listen to this message you acknowledge that you are **. This is Alliance One, a debt collection company. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose will be used for that. Please contact me at 866-418-2769. Bye." I am not aware of any debt we might owe them. Message is seemingly polite, official, and slick, note caller did not leave name. They evidently do not want anyone to call them back if they leave an open door for ignoring them and such a suspicious tollfree number (could be a scam). Anyway, here is an additional phone number to add as a contact/recall number, that is if this is the actual "Alliance One".
 Apr 12th, 2007
I'm getting calls every single day from this number. (702-818-1607)

Every time I try to speak or ask for a supervisor they hang up on me. I got so angry about it, I am now using an air horn to get back at them. I want them to think long and hard about who they're calling. Blasting that thing in their ear seems makes me grin, to be honest. And judging by their yelping, I'd say it works rather nicely.
 Dec 29th, 2006
I just found your site today and saw what Betty wrote...

I received a call today from the same number: 702-818-1607 It said Ajax MA Inc.

Just a suggestion: I found that telling them to 'hold on just a sec' and then (with absolutely no warning) BLARING one of the safety sport air horns into their ear works very nicely. It makes me feel as if I've given back to them just a touch of the same frustration they so 'lovingly' give to me.

An extra bonus: Lots of them are wearing headsets when they make these calls and can't immediately yank them away from their ear. As far as I know, it hurts like crazy.

So, it's like standing in front of them and boxing their ears.

Touche' Ajax... :-)
 Dec 26th, 2006
I recieved a call from(702)818-1607
the caller Id said Ajax Ma Inc

I did not pick because I dont know who it is and they did not leave a message this is the second call
 Dec 26th, 2006
The Dove Foundation
535 E. Fulton Ste. 1A
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Registered in Michigan

Registered Agent
David Lukens
535 East Fulton Ste 1A
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

In violation of the following statute:
Michigan Consumer Protection Act
Act 311 of 1976
Section 445.903 “Unfair, unconscionable, or deceptive methods, acts, or practices in conduct of trade or commerce.”

File complaint at the following link:,1607,7-164-17331-42077--,00.html

Also goto the FTC website to file a complaint for violation of the telemarketing sales rule.
 Nov 28th, 2006
File an online complaint with the Michigan AG's office:

Michigan Consumer Do-Not-Call Complaint Filing Information:,1607,7-164-17331-74753--,00.html

The Dove Foundation
535 E. Fulton Ste. 1A
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
 Oct 10th, 2006