Cruise SCAM Please call me back at 202-456-1414 Then tell me How much you want to be FINED..
 Jul 07th, 2015
R & L Detail and Pressure Washing
1414 22nd St, Niceville, FL, 32578
(850) 333-5761
R & L Detail and Pressure Washing is a locally owned business. We have over 20 years detailing experience. We are licensed and insured.
Car Detailing, auto detailing and polishing, auto detailing, car polishing, interior car detailing
Daniel Frin
 May 29th, 2015
Here is PUBLIC RECORDS for the female who picked up my husband at the Ale House in Orlando Florida -
NAME AS OWNER OF 407-575-1778 IS Brenda Lavette Austin Wilkins
PHYSICAL ADDRESS PUBLIC RECORDS: 1414 Center St City & State Ocoee, FL 34761
According to her own PUBLIC POSTING ON FACEBOOK she has a permanent boyfriend and she is pictured with him on her FACEBOOK.
 Jan 25th, 2014
It's the national recovery agency not the rifle assoc. anyone who says otherwise is an idiot or works for this debt collector. they call 20x a week, the real rifle folks don't. just turn your phone off. they call at all hours and have other people call you at all hours under phony numbers. no real non-profit does that. REMEDY: use *67 then call the number back and when you enter their DNC list put 202-456-1414(white house), 757-455-0100 FBI, or 301-688-6524 (NSA). that should solve your problem and cause theirs.
 Nov 30th, 2013
I was paying on credit debt that I thought was true fact but then I just stop the last 2 payment on the account to discover the original contract dated back to debtor was only 453 dollar and the money that this company was asking for was three times the amount ID Corona (951)268-1414 Let the company name he was ripping me off 4's the amount of the account I was call with this group who supposed to processor of legal document but there was NO number showing either PRIVATE or RESTRICTED but I given the case file number. Surprise a caller, called this morning legal department Dave and we went at it that he took the case file and then wanted to turn to used against my husband for fraud with a bank we never used really he read only the last 4 digit of my husband SSN that's it he even mention that's why your husband don't have account because of this etc....I had block his number it after researching I found out it was his cell and I am in process turn them in BBB etc. I taking this ASSHOLE down.
 Sep 19th, 2013
Abc Roofing Specialists Inc.
7103 Raleigh Hills Dr NE, Rio Rancho, NM 87144
(505) 771-1414
We offer roofing, siding and seamless gutters.
 Jun 10th, 2013
This number belongs to Shore Mortgage.
USFS (United Shore Financial Services)
1414 E Maple Rd
Troy, MI 48083
Phone Avenger
 May 01st, 2013
I got this email...

This Is To Inform You That , I US President Barracks Obama, have instructed the US Treasury Secretary, to release the sum of $6million to you. This is part of the stimulus we have packaged for you to grow the economy.It is what we call public to private initiative and this is all we need at this point of our economy.You shall recieve an ATMCARD with the sum of $6M on it as a Federal grant.Please get back to us for more details 202-456-1414

I assume the FBI would like to investigate this?
Tim Phillips
 Jan 25th, 2013
A call from Integrity Financial Partners collecting for USAA credit cards. They also use 602-904-5566, and 602-388-1414.
 Jan 24th, 2013
Buy Polar Insulation
1414 Texas 35 Business, Aransas Pass, TX 78336
(361) 758-6222
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 Jan 07th, 2013
This is the phone number of the law office the Westboro Baptist Church runs.


Phelps Law Firm
1414 SW Topeka Boulevard
Topeka, KS 66612
Fax for Phelps Family Law Office 785-969-9017
Hedge Raven
 Dec 23rd, 2012
MWM Heating & Cooling
407 N Yale Ave Villa Park, IL 60181

(630) 782-1414
 Aug 28th, 2012
Affordable Pest Management
1414 15th Ave SW Olympia, WA 98502
(360) 705-1765
 Aug 16th, 2012
Air Master Heating & Air Conditioning
1414 Mack Street Gaston, SC 29053
(803) 936-0009

Specializing in residential and commercial air conditioner installation & repair, Air Master Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to keeping our clients in Gaston cool and comfortable.
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 Feb 03rd, 2012
I had enough with the horrible phone calls all this past weekend from 713-791-1414 "United States Government" from Houston, TX. They were non-stop from 3 PM to 9 PM on Saturday. For two hours of that time, a man's voice was heard screaming and cursing, demanding to talk to (unintelligible). I picked up the phone on Sunday around 4 PM, and thereafter, the phone calls ceased.

This call from 503-457-1031 should be illegal because it is a commercial call, not from a political or charitable organization.

Heaven help those who get these kinds of calls on their cell phones!
Cherryl Walker
 Nov 28th, 2011
They just called and hung-up. I wish they would talk to me. I would tell them that I am interested in what they are "selling" but to call back in 5 minutes when I finish talking to my banker on the other line. Gives me time to dial 72# 1 202-456-1414 an let them explain it to that number. (HA HA) Check it out!!
 Sep 22nd, 2011
I received a call from 662-997-9876. I called the number on the posting earlier. If you got a call from this number, call 407-856-0115 *( ask to be connected to extension 1414. The company doing the marketing for ( is Super promo?? The guy I spoke to said he will call them and let them know to stop calling me. I suggest everyone who got called to call these guys back and let them know that they could be held liable for calling numbers that are on the Do not call list.

Like the poster replied earlier, "They use a company name "travel and Tours Marketing" and "Super Promociones USA".Owner's name is Luis Arce (so they say). There was a lawsuit against them and you can read it here
 Jun 17th, 2010
Frank Caudo Photographer

6064 76th St Queens, NY 11379


Frank Caudo Photographer offers the following services: wedding photographer, senior portrait photographer, portrait photographer, event photographer, photographer in Queens, NY.
wedding photographer, senior portrait photographer, portrait photographer, event photographer, photographer
 Feb 27th, 2010
Frank Caudo Photographer

6064 76th St Queens, NY 11379


Frank Caudo Photographer offers the following services: wedding photographer, senior portrait photographer, portrait photographer, event photographer, photographer in Queens, NY.
wedding photographer, senior portrait photographer, portrait photographer, event photographer, photographer
 Feb 27th, 2010
I was called BY THIS NUMBER (202-456-1414) and was left a voicemail by "President Obama" in regaurds to some VERY personal information. "He" told me to call back and when I did, some EXTREMELY rude lady answered as, sure enough, The White House and said that it was impossible to make outgoing calls from this number and that it was only an incoming line. BUT I HAVE THIS NUMBER ON MY MISSED CALLS! I'm not going crazy!! How can that happen??Especially how can the so-called government call and leave me a voicemail on my personal phone about VERY PERSONAL information??
 Sep 29th, 2009
the automated message said his name was Brian not John? Brian says he is with CCS and it was his last attempt to contact you about your rights to eliminate your credit card debt "under the newly imposed bank stress test act". Please call him back at 800 374 1414 to be connected to a specialist to discuss how this act benefits you...
 Sep 16th, 2009
This guys treat people like shit. From now on I'm giving them the number to the white house and telling them Obama can bail me out. White house number: 202 456 1414
Johnny D
 Sep 06th, 2009
John Phillips is a scum bag criminal attempting to sell fake mortgage relief. He has called my unlisted do-not-call number at least a half a dozen times. Some one please put this asshole out of business. His call back number is 800-374-1414.
 Jun 20th, 2009
Recorded message: John Phillips with section 408 talking about mortgage relief, help with refinance, restructure, bailout programs, payment relief, etc. Will help with mortgage and debt relief if contacted today and provides the return call number as 800-374-1414.

The message was taken by my cell phone. I called 1-800-374-1414. A woman answered and asked if I was seeking "mortgage relief or debt relief." I said neither. Before I could say another word, she hung up on me.

I called again. Same voice. As soon as I opened my mouth to utter a sound, she hung up on me a second time.

I waited a few minutes. The third time I tried I said, "Please don't hang up on me. Take my cell phone number off your call list." She said, "It's already done." I said, "You don't know what it is. I'm calling from my landline."

She did ask what my cell phone number was. Before I said the final digit though, she hung up on me.
 Jun 15th, 2009
Credit card debt elimination via Bank Stress Test Act - call 800-374-1414.
 Jun 11th, 2009
Same modus operandi! Sounds like a scum bag who found the joys of a toll free number and then leaves messages about financial assistance with loans. I called to ask to be put on a DNC list but an obnoxious person decides to pretend that he could hear me! If they can't operate legally with a DNC - they need to be shut down. They hide under the cloak of a toll free number...

Perhaps, they need a taste of their own medicine?
The number is 800 374 1414
 May 28th, 2009
Here is information on Hale Ventures. Apparently, it is a company that serves as a sort of hub for telemarketers. We should all call them at all hours of the day!

Hale Ventures, Inc (Voice Exchange)
15110 Draper Rd, Houston, TX 77014-1414
Contact Phone: 281-580-3300
URL (web address):
Business Category: Telephone Communications in Houston, TX
 May 14th, 2009
Recorded message from "John Philips" telling me that my county has been selected for debt relief services. It is urgent that I call John Philips back at 800-374-1414. Placed several calls to the generally rude folks answering 800-374-1414. Noone would honor do not call requests or tell me their company name. Noone would even let me speak to John Philips directly.
 May 14th, 2009
Recorded message from "John Philips" telling me that my county has been selected for debt relief services. It is urgent that I call John Philips back at 800-374-1414. Placed several calls to the generally rude folks answering 800-374-1414. Noone would honor do not call requests or tell me their company name. Noone would even let me speak to John Philips directly.
 May 14th, 2009
Appointments desk confirming my appointment - Usual number is 770-433-1414
 May 07th, 2009
Tell them you have someone handling any alleged debt they say you owe and give them this number- (202)456-1414. This is the number to the white house switchboard. I figure that if the government has fixed the rest of the economy they can fix this too.
no money
 Apr 28th, 2009
Follow Up from my earlier report: I searched the Menlo Park Inc on the internet. By searching with the phone number at the Central Alabama Better Business Bureau....
They list the company as type as: Product Sales - General...BBB acredited: NO
I searched the Alabama Secretary of State corporation listings and found:
Corporation Number: 893 - 464
Principal Address: 201 HIGHWAY 74 SOUTH
Status: Exists
Place of Incorporation: Georgia
Incorporation Date 0-0-0
Qualify Date 11-20-1989
Registered Agent: COOK, EDWARD
1414 14TH STREET
NOTE: the business phone number (334) 297-0963 cross checks to:
3601 Summerville Road
Phenix City, AL 36867
I may have missed it, but I find no information indicating they are a non-profit org. Also, United Helping Hands is not listed as any type of business or org.
Next time they call, I'll answer and talk to them .... try to find out more and whether they specifically will represent themselves as non-profit.
 Apr 21st, 2009
Stated they were an online pharmacy. Person stumbled over words and sounded somewhat frazzeled when I stated my name changed. Asked to speak with the "right person". It was obvious that they did not clearly understand English by their reactions to what I was saying. These people have various numbers that they call from and have different names for their "pharmacy". This is VERY annoying. I am on a no call list and still get these.
 Mar 18th, 2009
years ago when Johnny Carson was hosting the Tonight Show he had a young man on the show who wanted to be a Detroit police officer but he did not meet the height requirement. Johnny suggested that his audience call the home phone of the Detroit Police Chief, apparently it worked because the next night Johnny suggested that his audience should not make any more call to the police chief. My suggestion is to call 202-456-1414 and express our concern that the DNC is a JOKE that needs some teeth. This phone is answered 24/7/365 - by the way it is The White House Switchboard.
If the DNC were fully enforced (maximum penalty $11,000) the 202 calls that had been made when I wrote this would result in $2,222,000 in fines for the US Treasuary - a drop in the bucket when the Stimulus is $787,000,000,000; but every drop helps.
 Mar 07th, 2009
I am on the DNC for a very specific reason - my phone is for my use not these gutless wonders who do not leave a message. I said in another comment wqe all need to call the White House switchboard 202-456-1414 and express our displeasure with the enforcement with the enforcement of DNC. check out my comment at 561-784-9844.
 Mar 07th, 2009
We have received numerous calls from these jokers. If you have call forwarding forward the calls from this number to the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414. Another forwarding number would be to their own switchboard at 800-376-5644 (Automotive Warranty Group) or to the FTC at 877-382-4357.
 Mar 06th, 2009
Are you tired if these phone calls? Maybe we should all try calling this number 202-456-1414 and ask that they do something aout them. It is the White House Switchboard. I remember years ago Johnny Carson had a guest on the Tonight Show who wanted to be a Detroit police office but he was too short, so Johnny suggested that his audience call the home phone of the Detroit police chief. Maybe if we all call the White House Switchboard the DNC will be enforced. As I write this there have been 303 calls reported from this number, at the fine of $11,000 per incident that comes to $3,333,000; while a drop in the bucket ($787,000,000,000) every drop helps. Lets make that call and express our displeasure with the lax enforcement of DNC.
 Feb 28th, 2009
Andrew Demarco said would refer me to the hardship debt dept. Bill Young very rude when I offered to pay $300 per month said that was ridiculous and he didn't care if I pay or not it would just cost me legal fees of $2500 in addition to the original debt. His extension was 1414 He left a message after I hung up when he refused to accept my payment and said he gave me 24 hours to resolve the issue
 Sep 02nd, 2008
LM on VM I have been receiving phone calls from several different areas on my cell phone the past few days... I called one # and it stays busy, another # says it is a customer service but doesn't tell you their company name. This must be some sick joke because when you answer the call noone is on the other end yet they will call 3 to 5 times in a day! What does it profit them???? Other than using your minutes and pissing people off!!!! Here is a list of people calling me in the last 3 days... 315-207-4761, 877-229-6067,866-927-9017305-576-7811,423-733-8137, 866-404-8370,(800)3702349,201-257-4210 including 3 dgit #'s 119,217,422,109,1414. Ive put my # on the do not call list but I guess I have to wait 30 days for the insanity to end!
 Apr 16th, 2008
For the past few weeks I have been getting #'s from different area codes several times a day calling my cell. I am at my wits end! I have called one # after them calling me several times during the day and of course it was busy, the second # it stated it was a customer service # with no name to affilate their company I left a message and of course no call back on that #. What is the purpose of these people calling your # several times a day if they hang up when you pick up the phone and won't answer when you try to return their call other than the fact it's eating up your minutes! Here is a list of #'s just in the past 3 days... 315-207-4761, 877-229-6067,866-927-9017,305-576-7811,423-733-8137,(866)4048370
plus 3 digit #'s 119,217,422,109,1414 Can anyone give advice how to get rid of these calls. I have put my # on the do not call list!
 Apr 16th, 2008
207-448-1414 called on Nov 1 at 12:30 pm. No message left. Who are they and why are they calling? If they want to talk to me, they should leave a message with return call information. If they don't want to talk, which it seems to be the case since they don't leave a message, then stop calling! I reported them to the government do not call list.
 Nov 03rd, 2007
OK sometime in the past I have filled out an online query to win some type of prise. The query did ask for my phone and I gave it. Wrong thing to do. Now I am getting calls from 888-768-7346 several times a day.

Here is what I am going to do and if thousands do maybe the message will get across. Fill out those queries and put this number in when it ask you for your phone number "202-456-1414". This number is to the White House Switchboard. Give the query that number and let the white house operator have some fun
 Aug 24th, 2007
Enough is enough! After endless calls EVERY DAMN DAY, and some days as many as 8 calls. After calling them back numerous times leaving messages asking them and pleading with them to remove me from their list. I'M GETTING EVEN! I call them everyday and leave them a new message. Here's an example. "THE NAME IS ROBERT MUELLER. MY NUMBER IS 310-477-6565. PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR LIST." I'm not sure if this will work or not, but Robert Mueller is the director of the FBI and the phone number is for the field office in Los Angeles. Some days I give the name "MICHAEL HAYDEN 703-482-0623" (Head of CIA) Also "TONY SNOW (202)456-1414" (The White House Press Secretary) or "KEITH ALEXANDER 443-479-9560" (National Security Agency) I recommend that all of you do the same. Let's see how many time they harrass these agencies before they get in deep shit. Feel free to use other agencies and numbers. Use your senator's name and number and we'll see how long it takes to see action.
Captain Avenger
 Jul 18th, 2007