13-237-4477 is what appeared on caller ID. As always, no message; caller ID shows 'Unavailable'.

It's obviously a spoofed number because it only has 9 digits. I did a search for the number and it returned not a single result. Also unusual. Occam's Razor applied here says any caller going through all that to conceal who or what they are has nothing to offer me. This puts it is the "Scam" class rather than the "Annoyance" class IMHO. I post this here in case anybody else is visited by this number.

What troubles me is that my call blocker -whatever the more common Digitone unit is- is not supposed to let bogus numbers like this even ring through! I also noticed a while ago when scanning through its called ID section that there was another call, all zeroes, which rang through. There was another of these wrong number of digits calls. too. I'm going to reset the blocker box and see if that restores operation. I hope it isn't that telemarketers have found a way to circumvent blocking/screening devices! It's also possible the device is functionally broken even though all other signs, displays, LEDs, etc., show it to be working.
 Mar 01st, 2016