First Finisher LLC
1303 Boulevard Rd SE, Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 663-5826

First Finishers was founded in 2005 by brothers Kai and Tim Fyrst after learning their trade under some of the finest master builders in the Pacific Northwest.
 Oct 21st, 2013
First Finisher LLC
1303 Boulevard Rd SE, Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 239-3742

First Finishers was founded in 2005 by brothers Kai and Tim Fyrst after learning their trade under some of the finest master builders in the Pacific Northwest.
 Oct 17th, 2013
Same message as from telephone 405-652-1303.
Bogus caller with bogus message.
 Sep 07th, 2013
Howey Home Improvement
Address: 1303 E Washington Ave, Riverton, WY 82501
Phone: 3078563110

Commercial and Residential Roofing and Siding. 3 types of roofing; membrane, metal and shingles.
roofing and siding; residential and commercial, membrane, commercial, shingles, Siding Contractors, decks, pole barns, windows, doors
 Jul 29th, 2013
Benning Construction Inc
Address: 160 Beachy Ave, Salisbury, PA 15558
Phone: (814) 662-1303
Quality Work Is Just A Phone Call Away
home improvements remodeling repair roofing siding decks patio additions
 Feb 25th, 2013
I get a call from this individual that was bothering me and kept on calling me. I look up this information.

The following is the information:

Katherine Baker
3903 Barrington St, Apt 1303
San Antonio, Texas 78217

If you get a call from this individual PLEASE call the local police department immediately and file for telephone harrassment calls and mobile phone harrassment calls and harrassment textes.
 Dec 01st, 2012
Eagan A-Aaron's
1303 Easter Ln, Eagan, MN 55123
(651) 243-0946
A-aaron's of Eagan, MN has been providing superior heating service since 1975, servicing commercial, residential, and industrial heating needs. We proudly wear the label of a full-service heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor.
Plumbing Contractors, Heater Repair Service, Cooling Repair Service, Sewer, Plumber
 Sep 03rd, 2012
Magic Bumper Repair
848 North Rainbow Blvd #460 Las Vegas, NV 89107
Auto body business for over 25 years, dent repair, collision repair. Call us today for more details.
Auto Body Repair, Dent Repair, Collision Repair, Bumper repair, Auto Dent Removal Service
 May 08th, 2012
They have been calling me for 6 months but refuse to remove my number from their system.


Plaza Associates
370 7th Ave.,
Ste. 1500
New York, NY
United States (Map)
Phone: 212-947-7233
Fax: 212-947-5186
Toll Free: 800-535-1303

Plaza Associates offers a full suite of collection and recovery services, focusing primarily on consumer debt. Its services include pre-collection and payment demand contact for delinquent customers, asset investigation, accounting, and dispute resolution. Industries served include automobile, banking, credit cards, retail, and utilities. Headquartered in New York City, Plaza Associates also has two collection facilities in India and another in the Philippines. Many of its employees are multilingual, allowing them to collect debt in a variety of tongues.
Joe Blake
 Oct 01st, 2010
Caller ID: Cell Phone NC
Number: 919-228-1303
I keep receiving calls from a place that just Identifies itself as Card Services. I get these calls constantly. My number is on the National Do Not Call Registry but is does no good for anything. The last several calls the people were absolutely vulgar when I told them to remove my number from their list and stop calling. The last one on 09/28/2010 the woman said and I quote "Go F*** Yourself" and hung up.
Some one really needs to do something about this company and the people that work for then and keep calling and harassing people. Someone really needs to put a stop to these nasty people! I am among at least 15 people in my area that I know of that gets this all the time from these people.
John C.
 Sep 28th, 2010
I am receiving constant text messages from 702-403-3626, that say, "Attn: We are looking for shoppers to get paid to eat & shop! Pay up to $50/hour. For current jobs Call 1866-749-1303." My number is on the National Do Not Call Registry, but these annoying texts continue from telemarketers. It's obviously some kinda scam. If their add was honest, they wouldn't have to search, but would have people lined up for $50/hour jobs.
Larry Nalls
 Jun 22nd, 2010
this is the company behind this number call them and give them a taste of thier own medicine, Associated Community Services
Associated Community Services
29777 Telegraph Rd STE 3000
Southfield, MI 48034-1303
Federal EIN 38-3457359
And another address of:
24681 Northwestern HWY
Southfield, MI 48075
 Nov 15th, 2009
Got a call at 6:56 this morning from 647-724-1303 & it was a recorded voice telling me that my F&M Bank account had been breached and that I needed to push x number to speak to a security specialist. Problem is I don't have an account with F&M Bank. Beware of this since it is problem some scam!
 May 19th, 2009
Both my daughter, (who is 13 and does not give her number to anyone) and I have been receiving these calls on our cell phones. We have received them from the following numbers:


All of these are in regards to an Auto Warranty. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and urge others to do so as well.
Mad in PA
 Apr 29th, 2009
I have 2 cell phones. The second phone received a text message from 858-699-1303. When opened, the text message read "Happy Valentine's Day." The phone froze, but somehow sent text messages to the primary phone saying "You've received a text from (owner of the phone) and they want you to call 408-970-000 and listen to a special message." I also tried to call my second number and a stranger answered the phone. It seems that the call was re-routed to someone who had a different cell phone carrier. Attempts were made in an actual service carrier store by changing to a new phone, changing the number, but nothing worked. I've been forced to close the account altogether. Which I'm pretty pissed about. When a reverse phone search was done with the numbers, it came up Blue Licenses Holding. In fear of it being a huge scam...I did not call either number. However, if anyone ever finds out how to locate these A$$HOLES, please let me know. I've got my own message for them!
 Feb 15th, 2009
Telemarketer, claiming to be a charity:
Associated Community Services
29777 Telegraph Rd Ste 30
Southfield, MI , 48034-1303
Phone: 248-352-2600
FAX: 248-351-2930

The cnut who called claimed to be in Dearborn.
I told her and her supervisor where to go, in extreme detail.
Bob M
 Dec 05th, 2008
Received a call 1303 30 OCT 2008. Recording, a female said this was the last day to get an interest rate of 1% (on what I didn't catch). If interested, hit #1, if I didn't want to be called again, hit #2. I hit #2. I should have just hung up the phone after giving it some thought.
 Oct 30th, 2008
recd call from 212-999-6600 said to call 614-448-1303 to restore my suspended account
 Aug 20th, 2008
I also received a phone call from an unknown number, in a computer-generated voice, falsely claiming to be from Ohio Credit Union. It said my account was suspended and to call this number, ie, 614-448-1303.

Upon calling this number, a computer-generated voice, claiming to be the "security department", asks for a credit card number. Appears fraudulent!

How do you have a number investigated and shut down in a timely manner?
 Aug 20th, 2008
Just 1303.
 Jul 17th, 2008
 Mar 17th, 2008
I didn't pick up when they called, but they left a message saying they were Health Benefits Direct and that I had applied online for a quote on Health Insurance -- totally untrue. Interestingly, they wanted me to call them back at 1-800-800-1303 which does trace right back to them. My number is on the Do Not Call List, so I have reported them.
 Jan 11th, 2008
Plaza Associates
Administrative and Collection Operations
370 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1500
New York, New York 10001
(800) 535-1303
Fax: 212-947-5186
Client: Capital One Bank/ Mastercard/ Visa
Not Listed
 Oct 29th, 2007
Have received 7th call today in past 8 calendar days. For those who have gotten only one, prepare to be bombarded. Have no idea who it is, have not answered any of them. Through internet lookup, the only info found tied to that number is: "Local Newspaper, 247 Seneca St, Oil City, PA 16301-1303" with the same phone number listed as contact phone number, but according to other posts here there is never a response when you call them or they call you and you answer. Superpages categorizes them under printing/publishing category. I have heard stories in the past that sometimes these are telemarketers that have computers call your number for the sole purpose of logging what time you answer the calls and what times you don't, and they sell that information to other telemarketing companies (or telestalkers as I call them) so they can try to call you at more focused times you are more than likely to answer your phone and talk to them. They mask their caller ID's to show names where you are more likely to pick up (like 'local newspaper' instead of something anonymous or no name at all where you may not pick up.) Don't know the degree of truth to this theory but it makes sense as to why someone would relentlessly call me at least once a day for a week but no one is ever on other line when you answer. It could be because as soon as you answer, they've gotten all they were looking for without you even saying anything.
 Aug 23rd, 2007
(831) 240-1303 called yet again. If they are ars financial they have tons of phone #s all over the country and i get calls from at least 15 of them a day. I know this cause its a repeating pattern when i come to this site to look up an unknown caller always someone has posted something about "ars financial"
 Jun 15th, 2007
Paul Brennan, President
Plaza Associates
(800) 535-1303 ext. 485
212-330-9651 Direct Line
212-695-8750 Listed on site

These are the direct numbers for the President of Plaza Associates. If you call him every time you receive a call, maybe they'll finally stop calling people when they ask for their phone number to be removed from their call list.
Captain Planet
 May 07th, 2007