they are calling to tell me that i have been approved for a 7,000 grant, all they need is a credit card or my checking account number to get the money,, REALLY, NOT GIVING THAT INFO OUT, ASKED THEM TO MAIL ME A CHECK, HE SAID HAS TO BE ACCOUNT OR PLASTIC CARD( UM CREDIT CARD, WHAT AN IDIOT). I SAID HOW BOUT U MAIL ME SOMETHING IN THE MAIL .... THEN HE HUNG UP, BEWARE OF THIS SCAM DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFO.
 Feb 18th, 2011
I have been called by the number 1234567898 almost everyday for two weeks. I've picked it up a few times to figure out who it is and there's nobody on the other side. I'm royally annoyed because it won't stop, and there's nobody to tell to "stop frickin' calling me" on the other side... I hate that whoever's doing it (although I realize it's probably a computer or automated system) can get away with it... it has been that constant. any suggestions out there because anything would be helpful if it means getting it to stop! >:(
 Dec 17th, 2010
CID showed 1-123-456-7898. Let answering machine pick up - no message left.
A. J.
 Nov 27th, 2010
I dont know who or what it is, but its such a wierd # I just dont pick it up. For the last 3 months these odd ball #'s keep calling never leaving a message
 Feb 18th, 2009