thick indian man with largesounds
your friend Arniac
 Nov 06th, 2018
Her name is bryandi All-in lives in Brady tx
 Jan 23rd, 2018
got a call answered sounded like call center in back ground hung up when no one talked looked at caller id and # shows as 123-456-7891 + and my cell number really!!!!
 Aug 08th, 2016
Who the h...l do they think they're kidding, using a phony number like that. It's locate and remove time!!!
 Jul 20th, 2012
It should be illegal to be able to make up a fake number that displays on our caller ID. FCC should look into this issue and resolve it. Fortunately, we are able to block these callers very easy.
Michael Stark
 Aug 22nd, 2008
We have been receiving calls from this number and here is what I was told: people using VOIP show this number often on caller IDs, so they can be calling from anywhere in the world, but over the internet. They could be using skype or who knows what service and you will never trace them. We have a major problem with this because our office phone number is very close to this number, so people call us back and complain that WE are calling them. But I have a feeling the calls are from a number of different scammers hiding where they are by use of VOIP. We have also received MANY car warranty calls. We are an office so we know they are not calling anyone in particular.
 Jul 15th, 2008
Has anyone else seen something on their phone when they received these calls saying Charge Complete? I've received this call three times in the last week and each time I've seen that coming across rather then a name of someone. You might check you phone bills to make sure. This is on my company cell phone so I'm a little concerned somebody may be trying to charge something to that phone.
 Jul 15th, 2008
I pressed one and spoke to a representative. He said my warranty had expired. I asked for which car. He didn't know, but said his database told him mine was expiring. I requested to be removed from the database. We will see what happens. Does anyone know whom to complain to for these matters? Anyway to block the number? I believe they are changing the number that appears on caller ID to keep people from recognizing the scam.
 Jul 11th, 2008
These calls started today. I am on the "Do Not Call" registry and do not understand why I am still receiving ese calls of this nature. It seems that one company stop their interval of calls and another one starts.
 Jul 11th, 2008
Call about my auto warranty expiring. I hung up immediately. The message was pre-recorded.
 Jul 09th, 2008
I swear I will never be the customer of Collingwood Cranberry Resort!
 Apr 09th, 2008
I just got a call from 1234567891. Its was a man with a thick Idian accent. They asked for me by name and when I said it was me, they asked me if I owned my home. Instead of answering them, I asked who they were and they made up some fake Mortage Company name. I told them I wasnt interested and then hung up.
 Mar 29th, 2008
the number called my house more then once, i was very curious so i picked was an indian man that asked for my dad and i said hes not home can i take a message and he said are you a family member and i said yes and he asked if i was over the age of 27 i said no and said ok thanks and hung up
 Feb 11th, 2008
We just right now got a call from that number and there was nothing but dead air on the other end, even after repeated "hellos" from me, so I hung up.

I have heard that answering similar sorts of calls can make you vulnerable to people later on using your number to bill their own long distance calls - true?
 Jan 27th, 2008
they've called several times and when I've answered before no one responded. Today however a guy with a thick indian accent wanted to have his supervisor call back after 7pm for a vacation we won to collingwood. He knew my name as well. I said no - take me off the list and he HUNG UP. Didn't respond to me at all. This is very irritating as I work from home and they get through call privacy.
 Dec 13th, 2007
Called 2007-12-12 ~1935h ET. Indian woman said that they had randomly selected couples for a special deal for a "resort in Collingwood". She then asked if they could call back tomorrow at 7PM with more details. I asked where Collingwood is (playing dumb to probe for more information - I know it's in Ontario) but each question was answered with "I am not authorised to give further details". Sounds like they are trying to get your permission to call, in case people on national DNC list try to sue them, even though they are already breaking the law with this first call. I'd like to know which resort it is, but I'm not going to give them permission to call, as they probably keep a recording to prove you gave them permission.
 Dec 13th, 2007
did not answer and they left no message
 Nov 29th, 2007
They don't even answer when I pick up ... they just hang up.
 Oct 26th, 2007
They called today, I answered, they addressed me by 'Mrs' (not married) and my last name. Wouldn't say who it was. I'm in Ontatio, 519 area code.
 Aug 16th, 2007
Resort in Collingwood, thick Indian accent, very hard to understand. I have told them to stop phoning me, yet they keep calling!
 Aug 03rd, 2007
My caller ID had something like"security number" for the caller. I did not answer it, either.
 Jul 26th, 2007
me too.didn't answer 2 days in a row & refused to answer.
can't use call block
 Jul 06th, 2007
I got a call from this # 2 or 3 days in a row this week. Both had heavy Indian accents and kept calling me by my husband's first name. I am freaked out how they know it, and I told them to stop caling me. They claimed to be from bell one day, and the next day claimed to be from a reasearch company and today I didn't give them a chance. I told them stop calling me.
 Jul 06th, 2007
We got the call at 6:12pm, my spouse answered and had to ask the guys name several times. Thick Indian accent named Mike. We asked for the supervisor and surprise. got hung up on!
 Jun 14th, 2007
I found this one really strange, I was surprised other got this call.
 Jun 13th, 2007
Some Indian guy (Harry) called and said we won a vacation and that his manager will contact us tomorrow morning. I'll make sure not to answer the phone. Sounds like a scam to me!
 Jun 08th, 2007
That's a completely bogus number. This scammer is using a Caller-ID cloaker or VoIP kit to alter it to this made-up value. Assholes.
 May 29th, 2007
I answered and same thing, and Indian women...I hung up. Sounds fishy.
 May 29th, 2007
I answered and it was a indian sounding man saying he was calling from a resort in Collingwood Ontario, I hung up.
 May 24th, 2007
yep,me too.didn't answer.
 Mar 26th, 2007
No idea, never saw a number like that. Didn't answer.
 Mar 06th, 2007