These folks are scam artists.. NO company will ever call you to tell you that your computer has problems. I am an IT guy and when I told the guy with the heavy indian accent this, he said "FU" and hung up on me. LOL They want you to open access to your computer so that they can install keyboard trackers and do a search on your machine for credit card and account information. DO NOT EVER let someone on to your machine under any circumstances.
 Sep 11th, 2013
I received a call from a woman who called me by name with a very heavy accept. I could barely understand anything she was saying. She asked me to turn on my computer to check for serious damage to it. I asked for a call back number becuase I was busy and she gave me her name as Fran @ 888-514-1650
 Aug 05th, 2013
Man with heavy Indian accent calling for Mrs. Rawson and telling me there were corrupted files on my computer and that he was calling from tech support to talk me through getting rid of the corrupted files. He kept saying he had gotten the information when I bought my computer. I have NEVER bought a computer, and my name isn't Mrs. Rawson. He had my correct address and telephone number. I told him to send me a registered letter with contact info and/or send me an e-mail with numbers I could call and verify. He kept arguing with me and I hung up. He also kept telling me this was a problem cropping up all over the US and they were trying to help people get rid of these corrupted files. I have Norton and Spybot--and no issues. But I can see how some people would believe them.
SJ Wolfe
 Jul 17th, 2013