Zurita: Both the TCPA and FDCPA allow a daily 13 hour call window beginning at 08:00 in your time zone. Only your state law or a notice revoking call permission might overcome this. So if you have a sales caller or a debt collector, you got yourself a violation you can take to court for statutory fines.

800Notes has a variety of reports indicating fake payday loan collectors, a prison number, random scammers, and so on. A heavily spoofed number will be hard to trace back. I'd say the lack of a NANPA listing and the ''12345'' sequence buried within could well indicate a fakie number.
 Sep 26th, 2011
12345 called me, and it sounded like a woman at a noisy train-station. she kept saying "hello" and I made some whistling noises into the phone, with NO response.
 Jun 09th, 2011
MORE OF THEIR NUMBERS(these are ALL numbers that call me that are nothing more than SPAM CALLS, PERIOD!!!)............first I get a call from #12345, then the calls start soon after....here's a LIST of their numbers>>>>>>>>>>314-627-5604, 404-891-6835, 720-842-7133, 312-878-5679, 954-719-4093, 302-394-6827, 213-289-5542, 720-842-7063, 720-842-7146, 720-842-7077, 954-719-4093, 954-414-7313, 302-394-6827, 213-289-5542.................................these numbers called me in a period of three days and they were duplicated a minimum of 4-5 times, so as you can see, that is a huge nuisance to anyone trying to relax..................our govenment needs to prosecute these creeps and fine them BIG TIME but no doubt, we have a useless government as usual!!!! they are too busy putting money in their pockets to bother with a paying consumer
 Oct 05th, 2010
Received two calls within an hour from this number. Google search turned up Muskegon Towing. There are two supposed ad videos posted on YouTube and a Web site that appears to be a complete fake even though there are four sections to it. Site gives an address, 12345 Apple Ave. which is near Muskegon, MI but is in the middle of farm fields. Is this some elaborate advertising teaser? They've sure gone to a lot of trouble to build a fake identity.
 Sep 22nd, 2010
My caller ID said Unknown Name and the phone number was 1-2345. I found this suspicious so I did not answer the call. There was a recorded voice on my voicemail that started mid-message as if they did not wait for the prompt and began as soon as the phone picked up. What I heard was something about there was not a problem with my account, but that I was eligible for a lowered interest rate of 6.9%, but my eligibility would expire soon. To get the lower rate it asked me to push 2 on my phone to be connected with an associate (or something to that effect) or press another number to no longer receive these notifications. Of course, since it was a message, I could not do either. I wonder if it was a scam to get information about my accounts from me? Especially since I was not able to hear who they represented... The thing is, I only have one credit card and it's American Express thru my job. They always appear as American Exp on my Caller ID... This had to be a scam.
 Jun 12th, 2009
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 Aug 10th, 2007