A person saying his name was Ray, calling for United HealthCare called me at a number not associated with my practice for several years. He said the company had received a claim (for services I purportedly provided) from Fusion Health Center (an entity of which I'd never heard and with whom I've never had any involvement), wanting to verify my tax ID number. I asked for further information and told him that I thought his call was a phishing attempt to obtain personal or business information that I never give over the phone. I told him that if his company wanted information from me, it is to request it in writing. He stated that he already had my address and ta ID number. I then asked him what was the procedure for which the claim was made; he replied he didn't have that information.I indicated that was odd (an insurance company doing business without a procedure code is an oxymoron!). The oddness of the area code on the caller ID made me wary even before I answered the call (I've just done an area code search and found it not to be listed).
 Oct 12th, 2012