I got two calls from this number recently, the latest one being at 7:47 a.m., US EST. I let my machine pick it up both times and no message was left but they listened for a few moments before disconnecting. I want to thank you folks that posted all this hard data and research on this outfit; I truly appreciate it. I wouldn't fall for it even if I had answered; I don't use a PC and two of my sons are registered, college degreed techs for big time companies doing IT; both of them have warned me about this exact scam. Thank you so much for your work to protect people; hoping this blessing comes back to you many times. :)
 Nov 21st, 2015
A scammer calling from Essential Services Worldwide, matches an LLC based in Wilmington, Delaware. Do not give these people any of your financial information.The IP for this website,, resolves to a number of other domains offering similar type services for AOL, Hotmail, and PCs. At least one of these websites was also found to host a malicious executable. freepccleandownload[.]com is one site that was found hosting a PE that is detected as adware by 17/55 AV engines on VirusTotal.

According to, the man behind essentialservices[.]in appears to be Sharad Goel. He is listed as the registrant of the website as well as a managing director for the company. In addition, his name is attached, via his username sharadmcp2003, to most of the recruitment posts on the website. Furthermore, Sharad Goel or essentialservices[.]in is named as the registrant for several of the other domains resolving to
Digging a bit more, we found a profile for Sharad Goel who appears to be 32 and based in New Dehli. We also found a LinkedIn profile for Sharad and it appears he was educated at St. Mary's Sr. Sec. School in Uttarakhand. His work experience includes sales and telemarketing in SecPoint, a Danish IT and security company. He has been director of Essential Services since 2011 and works in another recruitment outfit as well called SMS Consultancy.
Farman Anees, located in New Dehli with phone number 91-991-028-2896 and email A LinkedIn page for Farman Anees lists him as an HR manager for Essential Services since February 2015. In addition, a post recruiting for a technical support position at Essential Services on Indian networking site beBee lists his email and phone number for points of coAfter establishing the New Delhi-based infrastructure of the scam, we also identified a U.S.-based individual who appears to act as money handler for the operationntact.

A search of the payment address that macinscan[.]org directed us to—4630 Border Village Road Suite N1497, San Ysidro, CA, 92173—matches a WHOIS registrant address for the website tesserboigltd[.]com. The registrant's name is Sergio I. Cortes Jr., his email, and his organization is called "Tesser Enterprises."

Tesser Enterprises, Citibank, 322271724, Account Number, 205862568, address: 352 H Street Chula Vista, CA 01910 Tesser Enterprises, Citibank, 322271724, Account Number, 205862568, address: 352 H Street Chula Vista, CA 01910

In addition, is listed as a PayPal address. Both Sharad Goel and Sergio I. Cortes Jr.
 Nov 10th, 2015
This is a bunch of scammers with East Indian accents calling claiming to be from Microsoft Windows Server. They will ask you turn on your computer and trick you into downloading Mala ware, once your computer is infected, they will demand from $500.00-$1000.00 to remove the virus. Do not fall for this scam.
 Oct 26th, 2015