It's a long number and likely bogus. I'm not sure what country "11" is supposed to be in international calling. Here's a transcript of the message:

"6.9% your eligibility expires shortly so please consider this your final notice. Press the number three to discontinue further notices or press the number one on your phone now to be with a live operator and lower your interest rate thank you have a great day"

Sounds like the the same spiel that Credit Card Services, Card Member Services, and what ever other names the use. It just didn't have Robo-Rachel at the beginning.

I'm sure pushing "3" to discontinue further calls would only indicate that the number was valid. Since these are robo-calls they don't know if they get a "number not in service" message or an answering machine or a human picking up.

The idea they'd stop calling is laughable because if they actually were on the up and up they wouldn't be calling me in the first place because I'm on the DNC list. I'd file a complaint but I don't know what good it does. The same places I mentioned above are all over the Internet on dozens of sites like this and thousands of violations. Nothing is done. Even the complaint form says violations won't be investigated but they like to have a record of violations IF any investigation ever happens.

I'll hold my breath for that one!
 Jul 13th, 2011