this call from AMERICAN EXPRESS CALL IS A IDENTITY THEFT CALL RELATED TO A STOLEN CREDIT CARD AND STOLEN IDENTITY THAT RESURFACED IN 2005 REVISED FROM 1987 COMMON THEIVES ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT ON SERVICES THEY USED FOR THERE OWN BENEFITS THE PHONE SERVICES WERE MOST LIKELY PAID OUT FOR THE USE OF THE (RE:Amex) most likely being used by a MEXICAN who knows the (Re: Apex) should be calling for the same reasons they go hand and hand in the same AMERICAN EXPRESS Green card,Gold card along with all others I thought AMERICAN EXPRESS had a name change I bet if I dig in my garbage for collection duns I can find the "FORMALY" that they use to be it is a "1001" Rev.Code mex or pex thing certainly in the system A EXPRESS kind of thing Happy Holloween.comments from the "Night Rider" that's what I feel like being called tonight...
lackey resident
 Oct 23rd, 2010
I can't get them to stop calling. They are not American Express, they are scammers. I started sending tons of faxes to that phone number. It costs money to receive an 800 number, so I'm doing my part to try to put them out of business.
 Jul 15th, 2009
We keep getting calls. I have called back, got a recorded message. American Express. How do I stop this wasting of my time. I have tried ignorning it, they still call back. I have left messages, they still call back. Maybe now that Charles Schumer has started getting robot recorded messages something will happen to stop them.
 May 19th, 2009