has called me over 16 times in the last 24 hours. called yesterday and when i heard the voice of a foreign accent ask for my name and could not pronounce it correctly i just hung up. they called back and i had to hit ignore 8 times. they called again this morning.. same thing i hung up and they called back 9 times back to back. finally i got mad and answered.
the man asked for michelle i asked who is this. he asked for michelle again and i repeated who is this. i never stated i was michelle or not just asked who he was and he said that im calling from national affidavit processing services and you have several affidavits against you and a company is filing a lawsuit against you. i said what? this is not even michelle i never told you who i was and your in violation of federal law disclosing that information without first confirming my identity furthermore you are a third party collection agency and have not told me that this is an attempt to collect a debt which is also a violation he began yelling that i am gonna get sued... i said how can i get sued im not michelle?... take my number off of your list... at that time i couldn't get a word in edgewise so i hung up. only for him to call right back. AFTER I TOLD HIM TO REMOVE MY NUMBER. so i asked to speak with his manager who wasn't any better but finally slowed down when i told him his company was already violating three fdcpa laws.. and that he needed to remove my number unless THEY wanted to be sued... well see if they call back.
 Jul 23rd, 2009