These people called and threatened to sue me because they deposited $350 into my account now how am I going to handle this will I be sending money transfer totaling $1500 this included the intreset this so called deposite obtained, he started getting angry when I tried to get more information ..... He said he don't give a fuck about me, my family or my account... I said I don't give a fuck about you!!!! No company is going to speak to customers that way this is what made me suspicious...
 Sep 03rd, 2009
Answered phone, they could not speak hardly at all... finally got out of them that they are ACS... Hung up and told them not to call again
 Jun 09th, 2009
Just hang up on these people!! They will threaten you with criminal charges and court and jail and it's all BS... Laugh at them! They are all Indian people with English names, it's hilarious!
 Apr 15th, 2009