I was told to call this no. so my name can be remove from the list next thing i know i was bill 5.49 3time how can i not by this bill
 May 28th, 2009
Called 1-866-797-1313 and it said there is a new national number, 10-15-15-8000. Checked online for this number on Google and found multiple hits related to this. Remember how long ago, when you wanted to be able to choose which long distance carrier you used each time, you had the ability to dial 10-10-ATT or 10-10-321 or whatever? This is essentially the same thing, except for the fact that they charge outrageous fees that of course aren't mentioned when you call that number. Most indicate it's a likely scam, and judging by the number of hits when sorting by date, this has been ongoing for years:


It seems there are numerous 1-800/888/877/866 numbers that lead to this same type of message mentioning 10-15-15-8000, so this isn't the only one. And while some of these 10-10 or 10-15 or whatever numbers are valid trustworthy providers, it seems 10-15-15-8000 is more likely scamming people into getting billed.

Bottom-line based on reviewing multiple reputable sites: don't call 10-15-15-8000. And if you don't find a hit here on whocalled.us for some strange unrecognized number, check Google, you'll usually get a fair number of hits.
 Apr 01st, 2008
They have called but I never answer calls from numbers I dont know. They left a call back number of 1800.875.5796 and said it was a law office trying to contact me. I called and then asked me to dial their new number of plus
702.555.1212. Do not dial any of these numbers as you will be charged 4.99 (us) per minute another scam brought to us by lazy thieves!
 Jan 25th, 2008
This is known as "Cramming." This number was listed as a call on the last page of my phone bill under "Miscellaneous Charges," though I didn't call it. They say they are Directory Assistance as well as a 10-10 dial around for long distance. Called my local phone company (Verizon) and had a block placed on my account so no other "Miscellaneous Charges" can be placed on my phone bill. Then I called the "company" at 800-944-9646 and had them give me a credit for the charge as well as block my phone number from utilizing their service. I also filed a complaint with the FCC (use form #475 online).
 Nov 01st, 2007
Call cell phone number daily...leave pre-recorded message - when i try to call back i'm told the # has been changed call 101-515-8000, same message urgent business matter?
Susan M.
 Jun 25th, 2007
CAREFULL EVERYONE. I received constant calls from this number. It was not Catherines. On 4/27 a call came in from them. I called the same number back and asked them to remove me from their calling list. My phone bill came in today with an extra charge of $8.00 for the very same time I called them back...but the number was rerouted to another number 101-515-8000..even though I DID NOT DIAL THAT NUMBER) causing me to get hit with a rerouting fee and a call to a strange area code. I had to call a number listed on my Verizon bill (1-800-944-9646 CO name OAN), it was not a Verizon number, and the situation was explained to me and the charge was deleted. BE VERY CAREFUL. THESE BUTTWIPES ARE STEALING US BLIND....CHECK YOUR PHONE BILLS VERY CAREFULLY.
 May 18th, 2007