They call every minute and it is scilence
 May 02nd, 2018
203-763-1004 is used by a company trying to offer you lower interest rates treated as a scam and they ignore the no call registry
Rhode Island
 Jan 11th, 2018
rings 4 times and shows up as unknown on my phone I am in southern Mississippi. the number used was 1004. search says it was from Grover, North Carolina. hope this helps, I am getting tired of all the tm calls! Pat
 Dec 21st, 2017
I do not know who this is but 1002, 1003, and 1004 have called me 135 times and I have answered many times but it is just silence and they never leave a voicemail.
 Sep 02nd, 2017
I do not know who this is but 1002, 1003, and 1004 have called me 135 times and I have answered many times but it is just silence and they never leave a voicemail.
 Sep 02nd, 2017
I do not know who this is but 1002, 1003, and 1004 have called me 135 times and I have answered many times but it is just silence and they never leave a voicemail.
 Sep 02nd, 2017
Who called me from this number
 Jan 23rd, 2017
360912 is located at PORT ANGELES, WA
Owners Name: available
Zipcode: 98363
360912 Phone Carrier is NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
360912 Owners Current Address is available for searching
360912 GPS Location is around +48.1004 -123.2687
Time Zone: UTC/GMT -8.
360912 are Cellphones.
 Sep 18th, 2016
360912 is located at PORT ANGELES, WA
Owners Name: available
Zipcode: 98363
360912 Phone Carrier is NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
360912 Owners Current Address is available for searching
360912 GPS Location is around +48.1004 -123.2687
Time Zone: UTC/GMT -8.
360912 are Cellphones
 Sep 14th, 2016
Caller had an Indian accent. Said he was from the Licensing Department. He did not comment on which License he was referring to. Said that my computer was compromised and that they had been trying to contact me for ages, but the malicious attackers had blocked these messages. He gave me my address - which was scary and asked me to confirm. I did not reply to his question, but asked him if he was from Microsoft. He said, he was not. He claims to be from a independent 'licensing' firm. I asked if he was from a Govt Agency, he ignored the question and said he will call me later when I'm in front of my computer. I asked him for my computer license , he gave me a 6 digit one which makes no sense. I sense a scam, but he has not asked me for any information as of yet...apart from asking me to confirm my address
United Kingdom
 Jan 12th, 2016
Quintin's Mobil Auto Service
1004 North Hacienda BLVD, La Puente, CA, 91744
(626) 333-4791

Quintin's Mobil Auto Service is a full service firm providing customers everything from Auto Service to design Mobile Auto Repair .

Gas Station, Auto Repair, Auto Repair shop, Auto Service shop, Auto transmission
Hacienda Heights.
 Sep 25th, 2015
469-619-3720 just called our business. It was an illegal robocall with a man's voice claiming to be calling from Capital Direct Merchant Lending. They are also known as Capital Direct -aka- Capital Direct Lending Corp -aka- Capital Direct Merchant Services -aka- Directors Financial LLC. They are located at : 3090 Bristol Street, Suite 160, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Their other location is at : 1323 Butterfield Rd, Suite 112, Downers Grove, IL 60515. Their phone numbers are 714-332-1004 -aka- 800-282-1353 -aka- 855-494-2273 -aka- 866-437-2341 -aka- 954-214-9941. Their email addresses are :,,, Their website addresses are :,, Caller ID simply shows up as Dallas TX, which means it's probably spoofed. Their little robocall spiel doesn't even complete, as it cuts out halfway through, and it also offers no Opt-Out option. Reporting the calls to the and the websites.
Not Important
 Jun 10th, 2015
Castle Painter LLC
1004 Columbia Dr, Lewisville, TX, 75067
(214) 725-3464

Castle Painting is your answer for the finest interior and exterior painting that will make your home all you envision it to be! We make your home your castle!
 Apr 11th, 2014
Company Name: Master Custom Design, Inc
Address: 18041 Biscayne Blvd Unit 1004, Aventura, FL 33160
Phone: 954-451-1684
Professionally Designed Custom Kitchens!
 Feb 26th, 2014
I received a call yesterday from this number, they stated they were microsoft, I let them have access to my computer, and after 15 mins it disconnected, they called back within moments. I know I should have been weary I did ask several questions and was given a name of John Maxwell from San Francisco and an employee ID of 1004. Called back, no company name was announced, which I was surprised, still weary however the callers, both a female and male are rude, and with a heavy foreign accent, difficult to understand. Put in my CC # and code, which I was thinking I should not do, but did anyway. After they installed the Kenoxis software, my computer was running much slower, tried contacting this about 1/2 hour ago. 3 A.M. and got a recording that the person I was calling was not available. This was suppose to be a 24/7 help line. I was charge $140.00 for 5 year protection with having a firewall. After investigating, I found I already had one and didn't need this at all. I restored my computer back to a previous date and it is running fine. Contacted my CC Company as well. Is there anything else to do?
 Dec 28th, 2013
Got a call from 1004, I picked up and it was a machine "We regret to inform you your debit card has been deactivated..." - I hung up right away.
 Oct 17th, 2013
Company Name: Major Moves Company
Address: 1004 N Main Street, Brockton, MA 02301
Phone: 617-230-8855
Major Moves Company provides the best moving services in town - both residential and commercial! Long distance moving, appliance moving - instate and outstate!
 Oct 04th, 2013
A 1004 number called my cell. The guy had a heavy Indian accent saying something about my computer. I said, "Wrong number." He said that is was not, then he hung up. Weird.
 Oct 03rd, 2013
spoke with someone with foreign accent, said they were calling about my computer and were located in Texas. When I questioned the reason for calling they hung up.
 Sep 16th, 2013
Didn't identify themselves, "1004" showed up twice on the caller ID, one under the other. Said they were calling about my computer, but all they had was my phone number, not my name. Who the hell is this? I told them I didn't have a computer.
Jerri Walker
 Aug 14th, 2013
This is the third time they have called and when I answered guess what? No one was there. Thus is really annoying
 Aug 08th, 2013
Called back and Msg. states Welcome to call Centric. This is msg. 1004.
 Jun 10th, 2013
Central Kentucky Contracting Group Inc
1004 Hustonville Street, Liberty, KY 42539

We are a general contracting company serving the entire state of Kentucky. We offer wide range of services like: framing; roofing; electrical; plumbing; hvac; painting; flooring; drywall installation.
 Mar 28th, 2013
Design Concrete
(214) 544-1004
1206 Wilcox St, Mckinney, TX 75069

Whether you are a commercial client or a residential customer you can always rely on Designer Concrete for their outstanding expertise and uncompromising customer service.
 Mar 19th, 2013
Curtis Smith Handyman Services
1004 North White Oak Road White Oak TX 75693
(903) 240-2135
 Sep 12th, 2012
Shoreline Towing
1004 Highway 501 Myrtle Beach, SC

 Aug 02nd, 2012
Helping Hands
(706) 581-5133
1004 Covington Drive, Rocky Face, GA 30740
Through experience, Helping Hands of Whitfield County has become the premier provider of cleaning services & janitorial service in Rocky Face, GA.
 May 18th, 2012
Carpet Dry-Tech
Address: 1004 Ashfern Walk Woodstock, GA 30189
Phone number: (678) 368-5991
Carpet Dry-Tech offers top skilled services in Carpet & Upholstery cleaning, protecting and repairing, as well as all your flooring needs.
 Apr 09th, 2012
Suffixes also used are: 1006,1013,1010,1008,1001,1004. This is 3d world spammer trying to sell Viagra or anything else. Got your number when you may have added it to your bootleg meds order from Canadian Pharmacy.
 Dec 21st, 2011
Mr. Reliable

1004 West Broadway Avenue, Spokane, WA 99201


If something is worth doing it's worth doing right. I guarantee the quality of my work. You will always be happy with the work I do. I do most general home repairs and painting inside and out.
Painting Contractors Handyman Services Deck Repairs Home Repair Service Handyman
 Apr 19th, 2011
Agenjo Plumbing & Heating

1004 Howells Rd Bay Shore, NY


Agenjo Plumbing & Heating offers you Refrigerating, Heating and AC Install in Bay Shore, NY.
Refrigerating Heating Install AC Install HVAC Mechanical Contractor
 Apr 08th, 2011
Thank you for your reports. On behalf of everyone at PhoneTree, I am sorry that you had a bad experience with our service.

We do not knowingly make telemarketing or unsolicited calls and will report and suspend the accounts of anyone who does. If you believe our system has been used for an illegal purpose, please let us know so that we may take the appropriate action.

While our clients are responsible for providing the phone numbers to be called as well as the content of their messages, if you have questions or concerns about a call you received from our service, please call us at 800-951-8733. By providing the approximate call date and your phone number, we can usually provide the identify of the party who placed the call to your phone.

For over 20-years, PhoneTree has been a leader in personal communication and group messaging. We currently provided voice, text and email messaging services for churches, medical practices, hospitals, schools, civic groups, government organizations, utilities, sports teams, clubs and many other businesses and organizations.

Our systems routinely provide the CallerID number of the calling party, however under certain circumstances the caller ID number displayed can be a number from one of our service providers.

I invite you to contact me directly 800-951-8733 ext 1004) or by email to to discuss our services. I will be happy to personally discuss and provide any available information regarding your PhoneTree experience.


AJ DiBianca, CEO
Proven. Professional. Trusted.
AJ DiBianca
 Dec 29th, 2010
Public Service c/o Castle Rock Capital Management
Suite 15, 1st Floor Oliaji Trade Centre, Francis Rahel Street P.O. Box 1004 Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
 Dec 07th, 2010
E R Survey Group LLC, 1004 State Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101-2672 Phone: 270-842-9555
 Nov 29th, 2010
I sent an email to an autism organization asking if they were calling and to please remove my name from the call list. This is the response.

"..this is not our organization, and we haven’t heard of them before. All research on the web leads me to believe that this “foundation” is a scam. There are several legitimate Autism organizations throughout the country and NONE of them that I’m aware of conduct telemarketing campaigns."

Everyone beware. 866-275-1004 is a scam. No such organization.
 Aug 27th, 2010
Rarin To Go Trailers - Norco, CA
1004 6th St Norco, CA 92860
(951) 310-0023
Rarin To Go Trailers - Norco, CA is specialize in horse trailers in good ol' Horsetown USA but also offer a variety of other trailers including car haulers, flat beds, cargos and dumps in Norco, CA.
Horse Trailer Rentals, Rental Trailers, Living Quarters Rentals, Goose neck Rentals, Horse Trailer Dealer
 Aug 11th, 2010
Got a missed call with no message/voicemail from number 1004. Then I got another call a few days later from the number showing 1004 on my caller ID and when I picked up, they hung up after I said "hello".
 Aug 10th, 2010
These calls come three or more times every day looking for "customer" of name not at this number. We are reigistered with "Do Not Call Network."
 Jun 26th, 2010
Serwas Window Cleaning Svc LLC

1004 S Main St Oshkosh, WI 54902

 Feb 07th, 2010
called 2/11 1606 ---- 2/9 1543 ---- 2/9 1004 ---- 2/8 1726 ---- 2/6 0817 Never answered the call don't know the number. They never leave a message on voicemail figured it was kind of strange.
 Feb 12th, 2008
Da Bush crackerheadz decided to do a phone survey or somethin' (I found dat out usin' Gooooooogle)

Bill Okerlund
Guidepost Press
 Nov 06th, 2007
This is West Asset Management debt collection agency in Georgia. Call centers in TX and NE. Other numbers they use are:
(903) 891-1004
Michael E Mazour is President
His home address is 1923 Sadler Dr. Smyma GA
Wife's name Sonja. Kids are Megan and Josuha.
 Aug 17th, 2007
Is this a scam or what? This # comes up unknown the Guy says he is with the special Olympics in Wisconsin? If that's so why is he calling from a 613 A/C ? I think the same guy called again 7 hours later from 414-208-1004 caller ID this time said ERMI..this number is also questionable.
Chris Dorn
 May 09th, 2007
According to this web-site as of now there has been 1004 calls from this #. Seems to me, If they were a chairty they would't be calling the same people over and over. Act more like telemarketers. Would give them a penny now.
 Apr 10th, 2007
They Have Called me several times and asked for my ssn, when i asked them to provide website or phone number information they replied they couldnt unless they had my ssn. Their names are David woods ID1338 thier so called employee number and Steve woods #1004. They also said their from olkahoma city, oklahoma.
 Oct 02nd, 2006