First call - saying I had won something, bad line, mentioned something that sounded like 'prize break'; muffled when giving company name, when I asked them to repeat they conveniently pressed a number key when saying it which, of course, edited out the name with the tone. When I said 'could you repeat that, you pressed a number key when you spoke' they hung up. Second call - line so bad I couldn't understand anything; on the first call they asked for me by last name, on the second call they asked for me by full name (double barrelled, plus christian, plus middle). I do not use my full name online anywhere - I use variations but never all four names at once. Extremely concerned - have contacted phone provider (also did this on another scam number earlier in the year). I'm more concerned because in the past, scammers having been caught out seem to then target ppl more aggressively for catching them. It's happened with me more than once, up to and including a direct hack on my system (foiled) and numerous indirect attacks through false sales, phone scams etc.
 May 26th, 2010
Received call from this number said he wasn't selling anything but asked where my favourite place is,I said home.This was followed by the most obscene sexual comments ending with being called a mother****** !
 May 13th, 2010
Had yet another call from this number today - wanted me to confirm who I was (the indian sounding man asked if it was me, so he obviously had my name from somewhere) - I asked why he wanted to know & he had to think for a bit, before saying he just did. I didn't answer. then he asked if I had a BT or Sky phone line, I said No, he then wanted to know who supplied my phone, so I asked Why. This went on for a while before I said I had a cable phoen & he hung up. In the past I've been asked about my power supply & other inane things - each time I ask why they need to know & tell them very little. When they ring again, I'lm going to answer in gibberish & have some fun. I'm ex-directory & TPS registered so goodness knows how they got my name & number, as I'm careful what I divulge & to whom.
 Apr 15th, 2010
Got a call from this number earlier on today, asking who my energy suppliers were (indian sounding). I'm ex-directory and TPS registered, so don't generally get these calls. The thing that has got me slightly spooked is the fact that the gent gave my FULL name, Postal address including post code, as well as the email addresses that my wife and I use.

 Apr 05th, 2010
i missed a few calls from this no 91148 so when it rang i played along to see and asked if i had payment protection insurance for morgage or home insurance thay will claim compo for me if i been mis-sold it, mmm ok i beleave you! next was the big one can we have your bank details so we can send the money on to you gave my details haha random no's. was told we be in touch when we have your money. mmmmm no you wont lol.
 Apr 02nd, 2010
5 calls today - all silent hangups
on average 15 calls per week
have spoken once and on refusing to give out any details, was sworn at and told "I'll call back every day, 10 times a day ... you'll see"
Harassment - definitely, bordering on intimidation.
Vile people!
 Mar 02nd, 2010