Email 20p per call 0901 767 5092
Amserve Ltd
Brentwood House
169 Kings Road
CM14 4EF
Tel: 01277 228 888

You can stop all 09 premium calls by calling your service provider like BT
 Jun 15th, 2009
if u have am amstrad email phone its that it calls to check emails
darren Lawton
 Jun 15th, 2009
i work for a telephone company and an old lady i have been dealiing with £17.00 in charges recv. when i called it. it was not a competition line it sounds like a fax mahine. so it could be someones computer scam?
 Nov 14th, 2007
I think its the idiots at Space Kitchens, I had £15 on my phone bill, even though I called them on a 0800 number, which was supposed to be free!
 Oct 26th, 2007
I have 21 pound on my phone bill from this number but cant work out who it is?
claire ramsay
 Oct 20th, 2007