this company 'Credit Management Systems' seem to phone at strange times of day, i had a call on sunday 11th january, at 5pm, by a foreign lady telling me she worked for 'Natwest Headquarters'& was i aware that i was entitled to £650, bank charges that had occured in the past 17 years. She knew ALL my card numbers, my 3 digit security pin on the back of my card, my mothers maiden name (although she spelt it wrong), where i lived, how many years id been with 'Natwest' to the exact date, after reading my card numbers etc to me, she asked me to repeat them back to her, she was very pleasent, although i had to keep asking her to repeat herself as her accent at times was hard to understand. Im a single mum of 2 children, with a big mortgage & all the other bills that come with it, i work as many, hard to keep on top of everything, so when this call came i couldnt believe it. She explained to me that i would receive a 'Legal Documentation Pack' which would be a 'Special Delivery' by hand, in the next 7 days, & that i was to read & sign it for them to proceed with the claim. Little did i know that was just the start of losing £100, for nothing. On monday 19th january, i had been told by my childrens dad, who looked after them while i was at work,that someone had been phoneing all day, but everytime he answered the phone they had put it down. Later that evening at 9pm, the number came up on my 'caller ID', i answered to be spoken to by another foreigner, but this time a man, again had told me that i had already spoken his collegue a week before & that i could also claim back money from my mortage company 'Bank Of Scotland', how did he know i had my mortgage with them?, his accent was very hard to understand, & when i asked him to repeat he got quite nasty, at the point were he wanted me to confirm my card number back to him, the alarm bells were ringing, i replied that he already knew it so why ask again!, my childrens dad was still here at that point & had heard the conversation & spoke to the man, who kept telling him to put me back on the phone, after refusing the man got aggressive towards him, i then took the phone & said i was not interested & asked them not to phone me again, then i ended the call. The 'customer services number' they gave me i tried, to be answered by an answering machine, then a foreign man who said i think 'nus' whatever that is!, i was so upset by the way id been spoken to by a complete stranger & evenmore so, concerned what they were going to take from my bank, that i phoned the bank & spoke to the fraud team who suggested i cancel my cards immediately, to stop anything being taken out, i was also advised to contact the police, which i did. I finally got off the phone at 11 30pm that night after much panick of someone hacking my bank account. The next morning i contacted my bank, to be told 1 payment of £49.99 had been taken out on the 13th jan, by a company called 'club telecom', i was gutted, an hour after speaking to the bank, an officer from the 'fraud' team at my local police station, called to say she 'googled' one of the numbers & it came up as a 'tarmac' company in Brighton, then she came across another which WAS the CMS, office! she had spoken to them & with that they phoned me, when i asked what they were all about she was very reluctant to go into details but assured me that i would have an immediate refund which would take 5 to 7 working days! BUT no other money had been taken out, which was a relief, no apology from them, no remorse for the upset they had caused me. Thinking it was dealt with,i then on friday 23rd jan, get a bank statement to show that on the 21st jan ANOTHER payment of 49.99 had come out again!!,nearly £100 of my money this company have taken from me & what for?, as of today i had confirmation letters from this so called 'cms' to say the amounts have been taken out! with whos bloody permission!!, got hold of them for the 3rd time & threatened them with a law suit if my money wasnt back in my bank ASAP!, who these people think they are i really dont know, please dont go through what iv been through these 4 weeks, stick to people you can face not on the phone!! im crossing my fingers that il hae my money back next week, watch this space........
sally tilbury
 Feb 05th, 2009