Company is called CS Solutions and are a debt recovery agency in the UK. They handle most of the student loans outstanding. They ring up all the time and if you answer they hang up. They like to leave messages not with their real names, some of the guys call themselves Mr Logan and when you call they say no one is called that. They will hound you all the time, asking personal questions about your marriage and children and then they just keep asking you to pay more and more money. In most cases you are paying 100% more than you should. They will periodically call you and ask for the full amount. They are not interested in your circumstances at all. Work out how much you can afford. Or better still if you are in the UK, go to the CAB and get them to call them for you.
 Jul 04th, 2007
they are a credit agency chasing for money, usually Student Loans in the UK, sometimes they will leave a message saying call Miss So and So or if you answer they hang up. They do this to then take your account to court saying you do not answer there calls.
Nick Concerned
 Jun 09th, 2007
dont know who it was but they just seem to han up when i speek its happened about 6 times now over the last two weeks
richard holford
 Mar 02nd, 2007